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Meet Julia R., Bennie & Taylor

Posted on: September 09, 2023 by SmartPak
Success Story Julia Riso Bennie with show ribbon
12-year-old Thoroughbred Bennie
Julia Riso Success Story Taylor vertical head shot
7-year-old Thoroughbred Taylor


  • Horses: Bennie & Taylor
  • Breeds: Thoroughbreds
  • Ages: Bennie, 12; Taylor, 7
  • Disciplines: Eventing & Hunters
  • Owner: Julia R.
  • Homebase: Haddonfield, NJ

My 12-year-old OTTB Bennie has always struggled with allergies in the spring and summer months. Difficulty breathing is his main symptom, and at my vet’s suggestion, we tried him on spirulina pellets for several months and only noticed a small improvement. Bennie is in a lesson program at an eventing barn, so keeping him in top shape is an absolute priority for me.

Bay Thoroughbred with white blaze in hunter ring going over fence with pumpkins decorating it

Last summer, I asked my vet about trying him on the SmartBreathe Pellets, and he agreed it would be worth a try considering we didn’t see much of a change with the spirulina alone.

After only a couple weeks, I noticed a much more significant improvement in Bennie's overall comfort in the summer. He doesn’t cough at all while working anymore and breathes much, much quieter. Sweet Bennie also lost his left eye to uveitis about three years ago, so I appreciate any way we can keep him happy, comfortable, and feeling his best.

Woman on bay horse standing in creek with trees in background

When I got my 7-year-old OTTB Taylor last March, I unfortunately learned he’d been diagnosed with laryngeal hemiplegia on the track. After seeing the improvement in Bennie, I thought I would try him on the SmartBreathe Pellets before putting him through tie-back surgery.

In about a month's time, I again saw a great improvement in Taylor. He has an easier time catching his breath and doesn’t roar nearly as loud. While his condition is a bit different than Bennie's, I am encouraged to see how the SmartBreathe Pellets support him year-round and not just during the hardest months.

I've been so pleased with the results in both my horses that when a new client came to my barn with a horse who also roars, I immediately suggested the SmartBreathe products. I use SmartPaks for all of my personal horses and am a loyal customer for life. The customer service is amazing every time and the ease of use is unmatched.