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Meet Jill D. & Rainier

Posted on: October 05, 2023 by SmartPak

Jill D. & Friesian gelding Rainier riding bareback in field w/ sky and clouds in background


  • Horse: Rainier
  • Breed: Friesian
  • Age: 11
  • Discipline: Trail riding and enjoying nature
  • Owner: Jill D.
  • Homebase: Eastsound, WA

Jill D. & Friesian gelding Rainier close-up bareback
Photo by Magic Look Photo & Design

About six years ago, a dear friend of mine found Rainier for me. He was only 5 at the time—and green! I was a little apprehensive about taking the plunge, but after some soul searching, I made the decision that developing him would be a wonderful next chapter in my life.

When I first got Rainier, he was extremely anxious and scared of everything! In order to build our relationship and help desensitize him, I spent months hand-walking him over hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails. I would also often bring my dogs Kodi and Chico to help give him confidence.

After five years of hand-walking, trail riding, and desensitization, he’s significantly more confident and less anxious, but he still prefers company when we trail ride so my dogs usually lead the way.

Because Rainier was so nervous, I wanted to give him a supplement to support his digestive system. I was very concerned that his natural level of anxiety would expose him to chronic stress that could leave him more susceptible to gastric ulcers and digestive issues.

I also wanted to make sure I provided him with both foregut and hindgut support with a ColiCare Eligible Supplement. I had my previous horse Radar O’Reilly on SmartPak’s Colicare Program, too. Having Rainier on the SmartGI Ultra Pellets gives me great piece of mind knowing that if the worst happened and Rainier needed colic surgery, I would be eligible for ColiCare’s $15,000 surgery-reimbursement program. In my opinion, SmartPak would not offer so much money in reimbursement for colic surgery if they weren’t completely confident in their products.

Jill D. & Rainier riding bareback in field with clouds and dog

I’ve now had Rainier on SmartGI Ultra for a little over five years, and he’s doing fantastic. I love that SmartPak stands behind their products with research and continues new product development, because I want the absolute best for my horse. I recommend SmartPak to all of my horse friends for their incredible products and wonderful customer support.

Now that I’m retired, I feel incredibly blessed to be able to go on nature rides with my fairytale Friesian five days a week—rain or shine. I treasure every day with Rainier, and thank you SmartPak for helping him feel and look his best!