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LeMieux & Me: A Match(y) Made In Heaven

Posted on: September 25, 2023 by Lauren Drew

I’m the type of person who can’t wear mismatched socks, so falling in love with a saddle pad only to discover it's a lonely one-off without coordinating polos or boots brings me utter dismay (and sometimes a wild goose chase trying to find a good color match). Enter LeMieux, the answer to my matchy-matchy prayers. They’ve been my go-to saddle pads for years, both for dressage and jumping, and make a variety of matching boots and polo wraps and ear bonnets. They even have coordinating rider styles


Their seasonal collections are always on point (I might already be eying their FW ‘23 colors...) and their quality and durability are as fabulous as their looks. Jake is rocking the Loire Wisteria set from their SS ‘23 collection, but I have LeMieux cotton and suede pads as well* and they have all withstood sweat, dirt, rain, and even snow and wash up great. Plus, their moisture-wicking bamboo lining is anti-bacterial and definitely helps keep the pads fresher for longer in between washes. And perhaps best of all... they’re high wither approved!!  


On top of the A+ anatomical shape, wither clearance is further ensured with nifty little D-ring tabs. It’s just one of the details I love about LeMieux’s products; other highlights include super soft, friction-free binding on the pads (perfect for sensitive Thoroughbred skin) and extra-long hook and loop ends on the polos so that no matter where you stop wrapping, it will always look nice. 


I love how easy LeMieux makes it to put together a stylish #ROOTD. If color coordination makes you happy, you ride a high-withered horse, or just plain appreciate quality tack – highly recommend! 



*Author's Note: I have 6 LeMieux color sets as of this blog publication... this post is not sponsored, but I sure wish it was. LeMieux, if you’re reading this, help a matchy-matchy girl out.