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Countdown to Bug Season

Posted on: February 09, 2016 by SmartPak

countdown to bug season

4. Get your Fly Stoppers
The best way to keep the fly population on your farm in check is by making sure fly larvae can’t mature into adult flies. Luckily, it’s easy to do just that by starting the farm’s Fly Stopper shipments at the right time. These tiny, beneficial insects target fly larvae, killing immature flies before they can reproduce to start the cycle again. For best results, release them after the last hard frost and then monthly throughout fly season. If you’re not sure when to start, check out our handy map below. When ordering, keep in mind that you need to release enough Fly Stoppers for all of the horses on the farm in order for them to work properly.

3. Start your horse on an insect control supplement
To give your horse his own personal no-fl y zone, start him on an insect control supplement about four weeks before the start of the fl y season (you can use the map to the left for a good rough estimate). SmartBug-Off® Ultra Pellets with Equinox 365 provides high levels of garlic, brewer’s yeast, and apple cider vinegar to help discourage bugs from bothering your horse.

2. Check your horse’s fly gear
Your next step is to make sure that your horse’s physical barrier of protection is ready. A few weeks before you’re expecting to start using them, make sure that your horse’s fly sheet, fly mask, and fly boots are in good shape and still fit him. Starting early gives you plenty of time to get the right fit if your horse needs new gear. Don’t forget, SmartPak offers free return shipping on all sized items, including fly gear!

1. Stock up on fly spray
Don’t forget about your horse’s last line of defense! Make sure you’ve got fresh fly spray on hand before the bugs arrive so you and your horse can enjoy fly-free rides.