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Ask the Vet – Long term Equioxx use, work to rest ratio, disinfecting, and more! – October 2019

Posted on: October 04, 2019 by SmartPak



You asked, we answered! In this episode of our monthly series, Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Dan answer 5 new questions on topics like the work-to-rest ratio for horses, introducing a horse to a protective herd, helping a horse adjust to a new barn, how to disinfect the items in your barn and how often to do so, long-term use of Equioxx, and so much more!

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Questions answered in this episode:
1. How often should you work/exercise your horse? Also, how often should hard working horses get a break?
2. How should you introduce a new horse to a very protective herd? 3 mares and a gelding who are all very protective of each other and don’t want the new guy near their friends 😞 love the videos!
3. I just got a new horse 3 days ago and he’s adjusting not so well.
1) we were told not to pasture him with mares and so we didn’t. There are mares in the pasture across from him and he paces the fence line. Other than moving the mare pasture what can I do.
2) he’s not drinking much water. We’ve tried Gatorade and alfalfa tea and he doesn’t like it. What are some other flavored drinks I can try?
4. What is the most effective, yet safe way to properly disinfect grooming tools, tack, water troughs, feed buckets, etc? Also, how often do you recommend disinfecting?
5. What are your thoughts regarding long-term Equioxx use in riding horses? Assuming blood work indicates no areas of concern, is there any benefit to doing a two day per week break (or any other intermittent breaks) from the drug if a horse is on it for an extended period?

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