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A Tribute to Team SmartPak Rider Amy Tryon

Posted on: April 13, 2012 by SmartPak

Amy Tryon & Poggio II Mapleleaf Eventing – Duvall, WA

Farewell and kick-on Amy…you were a fantastic partner and friend to those of us at SmartPak for many years. All of our hearts are heavy today as we say goodbye to a very important member of our team and an incredible horsewoman, far too early. We’ve sat anxiously on the sidelines and rooted for you through the balance of your career – your highs were our highs and your lows our lows. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the amazing members of Team Tryon, especially Greg and Jemi, in what has to be an incredibly hard time. Amy, you will truly be missed.

Amy and Leyland riding at Cathy Wieschhoff’s farm

“Amy was one of the first riders to do the Rolex Course Walk for us. Even though we were a little disorganized and not sure what to expect, Amy was great. Despite a hectic competition schedule and unpredictable weather (at times driving rain!), Amy put her all into the walk. She was able to connect with the audience in a way that not many riders can, intertwining interesting stories, possible scenarios and even the occasional jokes to make the walk all the more fun and memorable for all of those that attended.
Amy also did rider signings for us at Rolex for many years. I can still remember all of the young fans that were so excited to meet her and get to talk with her, especially in the time surrounding the Olympics. Despite a hectic schedule (she was riding and competing remember!) Amy always tried to meet and greet everyone who had come out to see her. She hated to leave if there were still people in line to meet her and would always try to squeeze in a few extra minutes if she could. She always had great advice and tips for those young fans, hopeful of becoming the next Amy Tryon. Overall Amy was a great person to work with. Always hopeful and positive no matter what came her way and always willing to help us out with whatever crazy ideas we came up with! She will be greatly missed.” – Becki, Marketing

Team Tryon

“I did not know Amy personally, but, I was very familiar with her dedication to the love of the sport and the horses that loved her just as much. Her achievements in two Olympics is a true testament to her athleticism, and the unique bond to each horse she rode. The SmartPak family has received a great loss today, but I truly believe its best to remember Amy for everything she has given the Equine community, that will be remembered for a life time.” – Brett, Pharmacy
Amy and Leyland on the trailer headed to the Richland Park Event in Michigan

“While I didn’t know Amy personally, her enthusiasm for the sport was palpable. I’ve spent time learning about her two darling dogs, Razzle and Jasmine, and the bond they shared with Amy, and with Greg. My heart goes out to her family, both two and four legged, as well as the entire equestrian community. Yesterday we lost a true professional.”
– Meghan, Canine Marketing

Devon and Leyland posing for their Christmas pictures 2010 (Photo by Sam Bergin)

“I did not know Amy personally, but I have always been inspired by her strength and poise as a rider- through difficult or challenging times and through all of her successes. Her husband’s blogs were some of my absolute favorites on our SmartPak blog, and I loved his perspective on her life and how easily you could tell that he loved and supported her.” – Jessica, Customer Care

“I remember the first time I saw Amy. It was my first visit to Rolex in 2003 and I was new to the world of eventing. Seeing her in action was so inspiring. I remember thinking “I wonder if I can have that type of a relationship with my horse one day!” She was a truly gifted horsewoman. – Kristen, Customer Care

“I never knew Amy personally but I followed her riding career throughout the years. I remember the first time I saw her ride someone mentioned that she was also a Firefighter at home in WA. I thought that is was so inspirational that a women with a full time job outside the horse business, a firefighter none the less, could continue her riding career and have the dedication and passion to one day make it to the Olympics. It is inspiring to the women who do not have the means or situation to have riding be their full time job but still have a dream to make it big. Amy went from saving lives and running into burning building, to traveling the world jumping down drops, galloping up banks and bounding through water jumps.. can you say Super Women. The Eventing world is a little less talented without Amy, she was an inspiration and will be missed.” – Autumn, Merchandising

Amy Tryon and Poggio II at the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong. Photo by Molly Sorge and The Chronicle of the Horse

“For years I only knew Amy through a TV screen. Watching her ride in the Olympics and WEG, I was inspired by her obvious passion, horsemanship and sportsmanship. When I came to SmartPak, I was excited to work on several projects involving Amy and her horses. Getting a glimpse into the woman behind the medals was truly a joy. She was a fantastic rider, to be sure, but the way she cared for her horses, lived her life to the fullest and was so loved by everyone around her really spoke to what a marvelous person she was – in and out of the saddle. My thoughts go out to Greg and all of Team Tryon – the whole SmartPak family is keeping you all in our thoughts. Rest in peace, Amy. Thank you for sharing your life, your horses and yourself with us all.” – Sarah, Marketing

Photo courtesy of Horse Nation
“I had the pleasure of working with Amy for several years as a part of Team SmartPak and always appreciated her love for her animals, sense of humor and respect for the sport. The first time I met Amy was in 2006 during the SmartPak Course Walk at the Rolex 3 Day Event. It was a damp, miserable day, but that didn’t stop Amy and Jan Byyny from entertaining and educating our customers about the course they were about to conquer. I remember being so nervous as I drove the golf cart across the course with Jan and Amy hanging on for dear life, thinking that I would probably lose my new job if I dumped one of them off the cart. Thankfully we ended the course walk with nothing more than a lot of laughs and some great memories. Team Tryon is a strong group of amazing people, and my heartfelt condolences go out to Greg, Jemi and all of Team Tryon.”
– Lissa, Marketing

Bronze Medal, Olympics 2004. Photo from

“I went to Rolex for many years for SmartPak and she was the first rider I had sign my pink SmartPak hat. She was always friendly and would stop by the booth often to chat with us. Her mother was always there too- we used to drive her around in our golf cart and around the course walks that Amy would do for us.” – Molly, Merchandising

Greg, Lauren, Amy and Shelby. Photo from

“I was always so inspired that Amy seemed just like one of us, had a job as a fire fighter and looked like your average person, but was also able to compete at the highest level. It made our dreams seem so much more attainable.”
– Maria, Merchandising

Jasmine, Razzle, Amy and Pogi. Photo from

“I remember seeing Amy Tryon at the Rolex a few years ago. Her riding was spectacular and the bond that she shared with her horse was very special. My thoughts are with her family and friends.” – Marisa, Customer Care

Poggio’s retirement at Rolex Kentucky 2009 by Tricia Booker, Chronicle of the Horse. Photo from

“I remember how wonderful and happy Amy and Poggio looked galloping around Rolex stadium during his retirement ceremony. They were a fantastic pair.” – Colby, Marketing

“Amy was not only an inspirational horsewoman, but an important part of the SmartPak family and we will always treasure the time we were able to share with her. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Greg and the rest of Team Tryon.” – Emily, Marketing