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SmartPaks help you take great care of your horse, so we take great care of you with SmartPerks! When you order your horse's supplements in SmartPaks, you're automatically* eligible for our FREE SmartPerks benefits, including:
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Staff of SmartPak April 2009

About Us

SmartPak Equine was founded by riders and horse owners for riders and horse owners. We ride and show Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Polo, Equitation, Eventing, and Reining. We’ve logged many miles trail riding through New England’s rolling hills and the tough shrubs of Chaparral country. Our extended families include Hanoverians, Oldenburgs, Quarter Horses, Selle Français, Thoroughbreds, Lipizzans, Trakehners, Arabs, Morgans and Appaloosas. Horses, horse care and horsemanship are our passion.

Found, Rebecca Minard with WestleyFounder, Rebecca Minard
with Westley

We got our start in 1999, with the purpose of simplifying the administration of nutritional supplements and medications to horses. Our patented SmartPak™ supplement feeding system has been adopted by thousands of barns and horse owners across the country, who value knowing that their supplements will be fed correctly.

The SmartPak system has been embraced by riders from all disciplines and all levels, including many Olympic medalists. In addition to the SmartPak supplement system, we offer a broad line of horse health, show apparel, tack, dog supplies, and equine and canine pharmacy items sold through our catalogs and here on our website...

Innovative Products

We scour the market for products that are uniquely innovative or classically timeless. We offer only the best of the best—everything from double-sided brushes to environmentally friendly mosquito control. We also offer supplements like SmartTendon that you won’t find anywhere else. Unlike other retailers, our goal isn’t simply to sell you stuff. We all have enough stuff. We strive to help you find those truly great products that make you happy every time you use them.

Our signature product is the SmartPak—the unique supplement delivery system upon which our company was founded. Each SmartPak is custom-packed with supplements chosen specifically for your horse. SmartPaks are sealed to protect your supplements from the harmful effects of oxygen and moisture and labeled with your horse’s name for easy feeding. SmartPaks are automatically shipped every 4 weeks and can be sent to your home, office or barn. There is no better and more convenient way to feed supplements.

Providing the solutions our customers request

Our customers are discerning, capable horsemen and dog people who give us lots of great feedback. We decide to carry many of our products directly from customer suggestions and comments. Our customers generously share their experiences with the products they’ve purchase through our online product reviews system. But product reviews are only as good as the customers who provide them, and our customers are the best, most critical, and most discerning you will find.

Our products provide practical solutions to persistent problems. When our customers complained of the hassle of getting their meds fed right, we launched the SmartPak Pharmacy. We grind and compound your animal’s daily medications and package them with their other supplements in the handy SmartPak. No more dosage errors, wasted time, missed feedings or coffee grinders taking up space in your feed room!

When we cannot find a good solution to a problem experienced by our customers, we’ll develop a solution ourselves. One example is SmartSlim, ™ a comfortable way to control your curves by hiding bumps and bulges so that you look svelte in your breeches. Designed by riders who know how hot and uncomfortable it is to wear Spanx pantyhose (or other torture devices) under your breeches, SmartSlims help reduce the appearance of cellulite. They are made from a breathable athletic fabric and extend all the way down to your tall boots to avoid the line at the lower thigh from pantyhose.

The Ultimate Equine Shopping Experience

As riders ourselves, we’ve been buying horse stuff for years, and it surprised us that no one ever went to the trouble of creating a shopping experience designed for the special needs of riders. Until SmartPak!

It Starts With Expert Help

Horse health, selecting the right tack, showing your style in the show ring—there’s so much to know, it can be overwhelming. Our experts are here to help you. We hire experienced riders with equine and animal science backgrounds. We select people who get a kick out of helping others and then we train them like crazy before they take their first call.

We don’t manage “time per call” like most catalog companies do. We invite our product specialists to get to know you and your brood. Because it is only through knowing you that we can be the kind of expert advisor and helper you need count on when spending your hard earned horse dollars. We know: That’s the kind of service we look for ourselves.

Barn Friendly Touches

We grew up in riding barns and know the joys and pitfalls of keeping your horse with many others in a barn environment. We know how frustrating it is when you go to grab your fly spray and it’s gone. So, we label fly spray, Show Sheen, and pretty much any other item you would bring to the barn with your name. You don’t have to do a thing.

As for borrowing supplements. . . . We offer SmartPaks to solve that problem.

Automatic Shipments

We know how easy it is to run out of fly spray in the summer. Now you’ll never run out again. We give you the option to get it automatically shipped to the barn each month (or any other interval that works for you, with an email reminder before it ships in case you want to cancel or add other items). Because keeping your horse going strong takes a lot of work and coordination, we strive to make getting routine supplies a little easier.

Our Guarantee—We’ll Make It Right

Keeping your horse in top shape requires partnership. We look forward to a long-term relationship with our customers. It’s this mindset that has made us the fastest growing equine business ever. We take pride in the products we’ve selected, and we want you to be happy. If you’re not, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Personalize It!

No more confusion or disappearing acts! We feature a wide variety of products that can be personalized with the name of your horse, your barn, your club, or your own name. We do our own embroidery, engraving, laser engraving (directly onto leather and wood) in house. And we strive to blow you away with the speed of our turnaround. We quote 48 hours, but many items ship the very next day. Our prices for personalization are excellent!

Free Supplement Consultations and Taste Tests

Deciding which supplements make sense for your horse can be difficult. At SmartPak, we're happy to invest the time with you to help you make the right decisions for your horse for free, whether you're a current customer or not. We want to all horses to live happy and healthy lives.

Many horse owners also struggle to find products their picky eaters will eat. If you want to try out a new supplement but aren’t quite sure whether or not your horse will eat it, we’ll provide you with taste test samples—a 3-day supply of any supplement for free.

Unbeatable $8.95 Flat Rate Shipping

Although a common practice, we think it is wrong to advertise a low price for an item and then charge a huge price for shipping. It’s nothing more than the old bait-and-switch tactic. We offer a low, flat-rate shipping of $8.95. No matter how many SmartPaks you include in your order, no matter how many items or how heavy your orders—it’s $8.95. Want to order a 50 pound bucket of supplements? No problem! Dog food? Have at it. It’s simple and it’s fair.

We’ll even email you to let you know when your SmartPaks are getting produced, so you can add items to your order for NO EXTRA SHIPPING charges. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping any more.

Corporate Partners and Sponsored Riders and Horses

As avid riders and owners, participants in shows and events, we support a number of membership and not-for-profit organizations that work to provide equine education, encourage horse ownership, preserve horse access on private and public lands, protect breeds, and support interest in various performance sports and training disciplines. These include the American Quarter Horse Association, Equine Land Conservation Resource, National Reining Horse Association, US Dressage Federation, US Hunter Jumper Association, US Equestrian Federation, US Eventing Association, and many, many more.

SmartPak is also a proud sponsor and supporter of individual athletes of all riding disciplines throughout the U.S. equestrian community. We are honored to be affiliated with these riders and help support their numerous endeavors. Limited opportunities for rider sponsorships are available. If you would like to apply please send a proposal, resume, and detail of the supplements that you use to sponsorships@SmartPak.com.

Healthy Horses  ❤  Happy Riders