SmartPak Pharmacy FAQs

1. How do I know if a product requires a prescription?

  • Pharmaceutical items are located on the Equine Pharmacy and Pet Pharmacy pages of our website. They will appear with the [Rx] symbol following the product name.
  • When a pharmaceutical item is placed in your shopping cart a red prescription symbol such as this [Rx], will immediately follow the product name.
  • On each individual product page, a red note appears in the product description box stating this particular item requires a prescription. The note reads as follows:  Please note that this item requires a veterinarian's prescription. Click here for more information.

2. How do I order a prescription product?

  • To place an order for pharmaceutical items you can call us at or set up your SmartPak account online. Once your order is placed we then hold the order until we receive a valid prescription from your veterinarian. Your credit card is not charged until a valid prescription is received.
  • You will need to request a prescription from your vet that includes:

    a. your name, address and phone number
    b. your animal's name
    c. the name, address and phone number of the veterinarian
    d. the veterinarian's license number & the state they are
        licensed in
    e. the pharmaceutical name, dosage and frequency of dose
    f. the number of refills

  • Please note that no prescription product will be shipped until an order is placed AND a valid prescription is received.

3. How can I get a prescription to SmartPak?

  • Your veterinarian can call in the prescription to us at 1-800-431-4194
  • Your veterinarian can fax the prescription to us at 1-800-431-4179
  • You or your veterinarian can mail the prescription to:

    SmartPak Pharmacy
    40 Grissom Road, Suite 500
    Plymouth, MA 02360

    *Please note that in accordance with state laws we are only able to accept faxed-in prescriptions that come directly from a veterinarian* 

You can also access detailed information about ordering medications on the Customer Care page on our website.

4. Can I fax you my prescription?

  • Unfortunately, in accordance with pharmacy regulations we are only able to accept faxed-in prescriptions that come directly from a veterinarian.
  • If you have a written prescription you are welcome to mail that to us at:

    SmartPak Pharmacy
    40 Grissom Road, Suite 500
    Plymouth, MA 02360

5. Can I scan my prescription and send it to you via email?

  • No, unfortunately we are not able to accept scanned prescriptions from either you or your veterinarian at this time.
  • If you have a written prescription you are welcome to mail that to us at:

    SmartPak Pharmacy
    40 Grissom Road, Suite 500
    Plymouth, MA 02360

6. How do I dispose of expired or unused medications?

Visit the FDA website here for instructions on disposing of unused medications.

7. Are you licensed in my state?

  • Yes, the SmartPak Pharmacy has all the necessary licenses and registrations to sell and ship to all 50 states. View our state license numbers.
  • A copy of our license in your state can be provided directly to all veterinarians upon request.

8. Can I return a prescription product?

  • No, state and federal regulations prohibit us from accepting pharmaceuticals for return.

9. How can I cancel an order?

  • Our pharmacy must be notified of a cancellation before the pharmaceutical order has shipped. Once an order leaves the pharmacy it is not eligible for return.
  • To contact us with questions regarding a pharmaceutical order please feel free to call us at or via email at

10. How do I get the rest of my order to ship if my prescription is pending?

All pharmaceutical orders need to be placed under the patient’s name.
To have all non-pharmaceutical items ship immediately, the non-pharmaceutical items should be placed under a different order name. The default name in our system for all non-pharmaceutical orders is “Me”.

11. How do I hold my entire order until my prescription arrives?

Place all items both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical under the patient’s name. This will ensure that all items are held in our system until the prescription is received.

12. How do I know if my veterinarian authorized refills?

  • Remaining refills will be indicated on the bottom of your prescription label.
  • You are also able to view your current prescription online. Just log into your account and select "View My Prescriptions" from the "My Account" section in the left hand navigation bar. You will be able to view which prescriptions are valid and how many refills remain.  Of course you can still call us at or email us and we'll be happy to assist you!

13. Can my prescription be changed?

No, all prescriptions must be filled as they are written. If you would like to make any changes we will need a new prescription from your veterinarian.

14. Why didn’t you ship my pharmaceutical order with a cold pack or on ice?
         All pharmaceuticals are shipped according to their manufacturer recommendations.

15. Where should I store my pharmaceutical product?

All pharmaceutical products should be stored at a controlled room temperature 64 – 77 degrees F (18 – 25 degrees C) and away from direct sunlight unless otherwise indicated.

16. Can you expedite shipping on a prescription order?

  • Next Day Air and Second Day Air shipping is available on all in stock pharmaceutical items.
  • There will need to be a valid prescription on file for the order to ship immediately.
  • Orders placed by 4 pm EST Monday - Friday will be shipped out the same day, pending credit card authorization.
  • Any order placed after 4 pm EST Monday - Friday will be shipped the next business day.
  • Orders placed over a weekend will be shipped the following business day.
  • Saturday deliveries are available in some areas for an increased shipping charge with Next Day Air shipping only. If interested in a Saturday delivery, please contact us at .

17. How long do you keep prescriptions on file?

Prescriptions are valid for up to 1 year from the date they are written or until the remaining refills are consumed, whichever comes first.

18. Will your staff veterinarian write a prescription for me?

No, our staff veterinarian cannot legally write a prescription for animals that she has not personally examined. A valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship must exist for a prescription to be written.

19. Can I get prescription products in SmartPaks?

Yes! To see if a pharmaceutical item is available in SmartPaks please visit the individual product page. On this page, you will be able to select from either one or two different ordering options.  If the item is available in SmartPaks the order options will appear as:

In SmartPaks (28 days supply)
In Buckets

20. Can I give you one prescription for two animals?

No, by law a prescription can only be written for one individual patient.

21. Do prescription products have to be in SmartPaks?

No, our pharmaceutical products are also available in original packaging.

22. Will you contact my veterinarian when a refill prescription is necessary?

Yes, if your veterinarian has a valid fax number on file.  In accordance with pharmacy regulations we cannot solicit prescriptions from veterinarians. If you have already made the initial contact with your veterinarian and he/she has made a request, we can then call for a verbal authorization.

23. Can I have an open-ended prescription (no expiration date)?

No, if your veterinarian has authorized refills “as needed” the prescription will provide one year worth’s of refills. All open-ended prescriptions will expire after 1 year from the date they are written.

24. Can you add flavoring to my pharmaceutical order?

  • Yes, our pharmacy has the ability to customize some pharmaceutical items by making them available in powders or liquids, with or without flavoring.
  • Certain compounded pharmaceuticals can be supplied in daily dose SmartPaks and automatically delivered every four weeks.

25. Can all the pharmaceutical products you carry be compounded?

No, to view which medications are available for compounding please visit the individual product page. If compounding is available for that particular item the flavoring options will appear as:

In SmartPaks (28 days supply)

  • Apple Flavored Powder (28 Days)
  • Alfalfa Flavored Powder (28 Days)
  • Peppermint Flavored Powder (28 Days)
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