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SmartPak in the News

Everything For Horse & Rider - Winter 2006

"SmartPak Equine worked with Kensington Protective Products to develop the SmartPink product line, with a portion of the proceeds donated to breast cancer research. The Kensington Saddle Pad features mesh to enhance air circulation and reduce sweat, offering comfort and durability. Available in all-purpose and dressage sizes in SmartPink Plaid, Green, Navy and Black; $36.75; ;"


Horse Illustrated - November 2006

"SmartPak, provider of equine and canine medicines and nutritional products in daily dose packages, opened its first ever retail store, the SmartPak Store, in Natick, Mass., on Aug 1."

Equine Insider - November 2006

"Winning Workplaces selected SmartPak Equine president and CEO Paal Gisholt as one of this year’s Best Bosses. SmartPak was also named to Inc. magazine’s list of the nation’s 500 fastest growing private companies for the second year in a row."

Dressage Today - November 2006

"SmartPak has a new line of SmartBlue plaid bags and totes. Your favorite dressage rider may like a number of pieces. Choose from a garment show bag, halter and bridle bag, boot bag and more."


Massachusetts Horse - October / November 2006

"SmartPak was pleased to report a successful grand opening…of their first-ever retail store, in Natick. Attracting a steady flow of customers, the SmartPak Store is establishing itself as a local resource for horse and dog enthusiasts."

"Move over, Agent 99 and make way for SmartPak’s savvy new Get Smart Series. From travel safety to colic prevention, the SmartPak Store in Natick will host monthly in-depth discussions on a range of equine health topics, with SmartPak medical director Dr. Lydia Gray."

Patriot Ledger - October 24, 2006

"The 7-year-old company is testing a brick-and-mortar strategy to boost its rapidly growing sales of food, dietary supplements and accessories for dogs and horses...Americans will spend an estimated $38.4 billion on their pets in 2006, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association of Washington…The 7,000 square-foot store is located at 30 Worcester St. at the former site of The Baby Place, a furniture store. It will compete with upscale dog boutiques, Gisholt said, with a selection of customized accessories and gourmet dog food."

Plymouth Bulletin - October 19, 2006

"As I learned more about Winning Workplaces, it became evident that this award really recognizes a group’s achievement in building a winning culture,’Gisholt said. ‘Since we started SmartPak six years ago, we’ve placed tremendous importance on empowering individuals to make an impact while having fun along the way. I am incredibly proud of our team and the positive work environment we’ve fostered.'"


Duxbury Clipper - October 11, 2006

"Paal Gisholt of St. George Street was just named one of the ‘Best Bosses in the Country’ by Fortune Small Business. He’s featured in the October issue of the magazine. Paal is the CEO of Plymouth-based SmartPak."

Patriot Ledger - October 5, 2006

"Paal Gisholt, president and CEO of SmartPak in Plymouth, has been named one of this year’s ‘Best Bosses’ by Winning Workplaces…Smart Pak, which makes diet supplement packs for horses and dogs, has also recently been listed as one of the fastest-growing companies the nation in Inc. 500 for the second year in a row."

Fortune Small Business - October 2006

"While many CEOs rely on, Paal Gisholt prefers to find employees for SmartPak, a maker of equestrian products, at horse shows and university equine-studies programs…the company recently expanded into selling prepacked daily helpings of all-natural dog food. Don’t be surprised if Gisholt start scouting for talent at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show."


Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar - October 2006

"SmartPak had a successful grand opening of their first ever retail store, a new resource for horse and dog enthusiasts in the Northeast. Special guests helped create a festive atmosphere at the grand opening and highlighted the weekend’s focus on charity and community involvement."

The Plaid Horse - October 2006

"In 2005, SmartPak had an idea. It was a simple concept - create a unique product line and donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit breast cancer research and awareness...A year later, SmartPak has donated over $20,000 to date to the National Breast Cancer Foundation… “Together we were able to make a difference through SmartPink donations, and we are immensely grateful to our customers for making this a possibility."

Equus - October 2006

"Recovery EQ HA is a powdered supplement formula to reduce joint inflammation and improve healing. The primary active ingredient, Nutricol, is a porprietary combination of clinically proven substances extracted from grapes and tea…EQ HA is available through SmartPak."


VPN - October 2006

"SmartPak will be offering monthly discussions on equine health at its new store in Natick, Mass. Topics include ‘Joint Supplements: What’s Hip and What’s Hype’, ‘Preparing Your Horse for Old Man Winter’, and ‘Colic Prevention.’ Dates for the series are Oct. 25, Nov. 15 and Dec. 13 respectively."


"SmartPak Equine introduces the SmartCare veterinary partnership program. Veterinarians can provide clients with the patented supplement service while streamlining the commercial sale of daily supplements and medications...The veterinarian and client will have more than 200 brand-name supplements from which to create a custom nutritional program for each horse."

Patriot Ledger

"SmartPak has become one of the hottest private firms in the US. SmartPak’s portfolio now includes the original equine supplement division and SmartPak Canine, which launched in March.

In August, the company opened the SmartPak Store–its first brick-and-mortar retail shop – in Natick. The store offers all of the same products featured in the SmartPak catalog, including nutritional supplements for horses and dogs, dog food, a tack room and other supplies.

Inc. magazine has twice recognized SmartPak in its annual list of ‘America’s 500 Fastest-Growing Companies’- It was the first time in the history of the Inc 500 rankings –which the magazine first published in 1983 – that Inc. named an equine business to the list."


Business Week Small Biz - Fall 2006

"In 1999 I was working for Harvard Business School as a consultant and riding my horse, Westley, after work. One evening, Westley just didn’t seem his normal self. I checked his feed bucket to make sure he was getting the supplements he needed but they weren’t there. Westley was boarded with more than 30 horses, all of were probably getting different supplements at different doses. It’s hard for barn managers to keep up. I started thinking that there had to be a better way to get the right supplements at the right dosages to these animals."

Riding Instructor - Fall 2006

"A must have pick of the SmartPak Equine staff, the EZ-All Foamer is the easy way to wash saddle pads, blankets, aisle ways, trailers, and more without also soaking yourself. The applicator attaches to your hose and automatically regulates the amount of soap or detergent that is dispensed into the water stream.

Introduced in 2000, SmartPaks are synonymous with convenience in barn management. SmartPaks are the custom-ordered, pre-measured containers of your horse’s daily supplements that are shipped right to your home or barn each month. ‘Called the Barn Manager’s Best Friend, SmartPaks save time on feeding, protect the potency of supplements, and gives piece of mind that your horses are being fed correctly every time,’ says Nina Akerley, product specialist for SmartPak Equine. Now SmartPaks are available for your canine companions, too. A SmartPak representative can offer you a quote for your horse’s or dog’s needs.

This is feeding efficiency at its best. Available in a rainbow of colors, SmartPak Equine carries the Burlingham Feed Cart"

Equestrian Retailer - September / October 2006

"As of August 5, 2006, shoppers can take a break from searching for designer clothes to pick up supplements for their horses at Route 9’s new SmartPak store. Yes, a horse-supply store has moved into the neighborhood. But not just any horse store. Think of this as Equine Republic. Or maybe Horseagonia. Upscale retail culture has mixed with horse owners will find plenty to occupy their attention. Spread out of 7,600 square feet on two floors, clothing and tack and gifts are displayed...A large clearance area on the second floor holds bargains and overstock."


Trail Rider - September / October 2006

"Opening the SmartPak Store has been a great aspiration of ours, and we’ve been working hard to bring this to fruition," said Becky Minard, SmartPak’s founder and vice president of marketing. "The opportunity to greet our customer face-to-face and personally interact with them on a more consistent basis is the next step for us in offering unparalleled service."

Hopkinton Crier - September 2, 2006

"Puppies ‘Envy’and ‘Midge’ from Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton were on hand at SmartPak’s grand opening celebration in Natick. They were successfully adopted that weekend."

Horses Inc - September 2006

"...the best colors we’ve found are plaid: SmartPak’s SmartPink and SmartBlue plaid that is. Proceeds from the SmartPink apparel line have already raised more than $20,000 for breast cancer research and has helped increase awareness. SmartBlue proceeds will benefit horses in need through equine charities. According to Nina Akerley of SmartPak, 'the proceeds go to charities that promote the well being of horses through rescue, rehabilitation, retirement or research...We have had such great success with SmartPink; whole barns have changed their show colors to it and we hope that this same popularity will also help SmartBlue to support equine aid charities'."


Inc 500 - September 2006

"Owners are increasingly serving their animals more healthful food and SmartPak offers the convenience of online accounts. It sends customers a month’s worth of top-grade mosh (e.g. chicken, vegetables, brown rice) every four weeks."

"SmartPak Equine…Sells customized, prepackaged supplements, prescriptions, and food for high-end show and performance horses...Their business model is half Expedia half GNC. What’s next: Ninety percent of horse owners are also dog owners – the company’s next big market. ‘It will surpass our equine business one day,’ Gisholt says."

Veterinary Practice News - September 2006

"SmartPak, a Plymouth, Mass. based company that provides daily dose packaging of medicines and nutritional products, recently launched its SmartCare veterinarian partnership program."

Sidelines - September 2006

"There is a whole world of need-to-have horse items out there that we didn’t know we needed to have until someone invented them. For instance, horse people everywhere were living contented lives scooping their supplements out of containers and into their horses feed every day. Then someone invented little ready-to-go boxes of supplements that they send you in the mail and suddenly baggies and scooping were a thing of the past."


MetroWest Daily News - August 6, 2006

"Darlene Frappierhad ventured into the new SmartPak Store only minutes before and already had her hands full of gear for her horses, Jigsaw and Cricket. ‘I love this store,' the Framingham resident said, as she started to peruse horse treats. ‘It’s big and it has a lot of choices'."

Salespeople can talk at length on most products and free samples abound. ‘At some other stores, you can’t trust what they say to you. Some of them have been there for only two weeks,’ said Barrie resident Jane Lynds, who owns a horse named Maverick. Gisholt said it’s part of their drive to make their first SmartPak store a unique experience for customers."

Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar - August 2006

"SmartPak proudly announces the grand opening of its first retail store in Natick, Mass. The opening is scheduled for August 1, 2006 and will feature a wide array of the newest and most innovative products for horse, rider and dog. The grand opening will start off a month of events and promotions"

Dressage Today - April 2006

"SmartPak Equine has introduced a SmartBlue line to benefit equine charities. The SmartBlue products sport a blue plaid design and include bags, blankets and halters."


Equine Insider - February 2006

"In order to hone their catalog layout, SmartPak Equine submitted their 2004 Complete Gift Catalog to Multichannel Merchant to have it reviewed by marketing professionals."

Catalog Success - January 2006

"We used a combination of rapid growth and a maniacal focus on operating efficiency. Shortening product assemblers’ walking paths, learning how to handle materials just once and relying on automation allowed Gisholt’s team to create a lean manufacturing process that lets them reduce costs enough to keep product prices low."

Trail Rider - November / December 2005

"Last August, Hurricane Katrina devastated portions of the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi. The equine community responded immediately to help equine victims and their owners…SmartPak Equine is offering free replacement SmartPaks and a 20 percent discount on all products to victims of Hurricane Katrina and their animals."


Equine Insider - November 2005

"Inc. Magazine ranked SmartPak Equine the 106th fastest-growing private business in America, and the sixth fastest growing privately held consumer products company. With a growth rate of 848% in the last three years, SmartPak has achieved recognition never before attained by a company in the equine industry.

'The equine business is so competitive that to succeed you need to be different,’ said Becky Minard, the company’s founder and principle inventor of SmartPak’s patented feeding system. ‘We don’t just sell great merchandise. We view our role as partnering with our clients to help them solve problems and get the maximum enjoyment from their horses'."

Practical Horseman - November 2005

"...the SmartPink Plaid Kensington Trailer Organizer is two gifts in one. The lucky recipient gets a durable, foldable 26-by-48 inch Textiline organizer that fastens easily to a stall wall, trailer door, or pipe corral for instant access to sprays, grooming tools, treats, and other necessities…And SmartPak donates 20 percent of the net proceeds from this and dozens of other SmartPink Plaid products to breast cancer research."

Dressage Today - October 2005

"SmartPak Equine is donating 20 percent of the profit from their SmartPink™ Plaid products to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Jaralyn Gibson, vice president of new business development at SmartPak Equine says, 'Nearly 80 percent of the horse market are women, so this is a nice way to give back to women and support health issues.' Since the program's launch in April 2005, more than $10,000 has been donated to NBCF. The SmartPink line features fly protection, saddle bags and halters all in an exclusive pink plaid designed to promote breast cancer awareness. SmartPink products can be ordered directly from the Web site or by calling ."


Equus - October 2005

"Many horses require medications or feed supplements in their older years. And although adding a top dressing or grinding up a few pills to add to each meal sounds straightforward enough, it can be a logistical challenge in some boarding situations. There are a few ways you can make sure your hourse gets what he needs: Grind up medications and place daily portions in individual 'baggies' that can be dumped onto rations, or purchase containers with premeasured doses of medications and supplements, such as SmartPaks. Just be sure that the baggies or containers are clearly marked with your horse's name."

Horse & Rider - October 2005

"Shopping for a Cause"
This halter is one of a number of horse products - from blankets to tote bags - sold through SmartPak Equine's SmartPink line.
SmartPak will donate 20 percent of the net profit from the sales of the SmartPink™ line to the National Breast Cancer Foundation."

Equine Insider - February 2005

"What do Avon, Ralph Lauren and SmartPak Equine have in common? Profits from the sale of their products benefit breast cancer organizations…'The color pink has been used extensively to build awareness of increasing rates of breast cancer, and we are proud to offer this exclusive Pink Plaid in the full line of Kensington Products,’ said Becky Minard, company founder. ‘We’ve always advocated for the health of horses, and now we can advocate for the health of the women that own them'."


The Journal - February 2005

"Now SmartPak can be a huge help for even the tiniest of trotters! Recognizing the need for reliable and efficient feeding of supplements for all horses, regardless of size or stature, SmartPak Equine has joined forces with the American Shetland Pony Club and the American Miniature Horse Registry in a pioneering sponsorship. Providing innovative products and services for equine management, SmartPak is devoted to finding customized solutions to every horse owner’s needs, large or small."

Dressage Today - October 2003

Smart Idea, Smart Business, SMARTPAK: One horsewoman saw a need and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. When Becky Minard rescued Westley from a horse dealer, the Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross was all skin and bones, and it was clear he needed a lot of love and good nutrition. Minard's veterinarian suggested Vitamin E (for an eye problem), a joint supplement and a daily dewormer. Despite the fact that Westley was boarded at a top barn in Massachusetts it became clear that he wasn't getting these necessary supplements, so Minard talked with her barn manager who explained the difficulty: A large dressage barn might have 40 horses that each require specific brand-name supplements with different dosages. Click here to view entire article.

Note: The article is in the form of a PDF (portable document format) files. The Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader software is required to read this file.

Reprinted with permission

Horse Journal - July 2002

"We found SmartPak's system dazzling." Be sure to check out the article 'Prepackaged Supplements Fill A Niche: For Boarding Stables, We Don't Think the Idea Can Be Beat' in the July issue of the Horse Journal. They discuss the benefits of having your supplements pre-packaged into daily doses for you, particularly if you are in a boarding facility. Topics discussed include, reliability of dosing, never running out, decreased potency of supplements when they are combined in baggies, and the pleasant surprise of cost effectiveness.


Hunter & Sport Horse - July/August 2002

"SmartPak now ships bug spray, hoof care and grooming formulas, brushes, first aid supplies, dewormers and fine leather care products to horse owners! - in addition to SmartPak's feed supplements and pharmaceuticals. so when you run out of ReguMate and Banamine, bug spray or bandages, SmartPak solves the problem! The supplies you need can be shipped to you along with your horse's customized supplement packs."

Reprinted with permission

Horse Illustrated - August 2002

"The Mosquito Magnet is a new trap available from SmartPak Equine that works without pesticides to eradicate mosquito populations in six to eight weeks. The Mosquito Magnet lures insects with carbon dioxide, heat, moisture and an octenol attractant, then silently vacuums them into a net where they die of dehydration within 24 hours."

Equus - July 2002

"Fatal Attraction: Pesticide-free mosquito trap. This propane-powered device emits a continuous plume of heat, moisture, carbon dioxide and an additional agent designed to lure mosquitoes, blackflies and other blood-seeking flying insects by mimicking a mammal's respiration. The insects are drawn into the trap by a vacuum and caught in a net, where they die within 24 hours."


The Horse - July 2002

"The Mosquito Magnet operates all day to capture day-biting and night-biting blood-seeking insects. It is environmentally friendly and releases no harmful substances. There are several models available through SmartPak Equine, the only equine distributor of the Mosquito Magnet."

Tack'n Togs - June 2002

"Mosquito Magnet Uses the Power of Propane Also new on the pest-control front is the Mosquito Magnet from SmartPak Equine. Tested in environments as challenging as the Florida Everglades, the Mosquito Magnet confounds fly victim-detection systems by mimicking the carbon dioxide exhalation of humans and horses. Powered by a portable propane tank, it emits carbon dioxide, heat, moisture, and an octenal attractant. Mosquitoes, which rarely venture more than 200 yards from where they hatch, zero in on the Mosquito Magnet, are silently sucked in, and die of dehydration within 24 hours."

Stable Management - June 2002

"The new mosquito control products have hit the market in time for this summer ... Called the Mosquito Magnet, the system emits carbon dioxide, heat, moisture and an octenal attractant to lure mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand flies and black flies into a trap where they dehydrate and die without the use of pesticides. The trap is powered by propane so it can be placed anywhere. Every three weeks, the collection nets need to be emptied, the propane tank refilled and more attractant put in."

Reprinted with permission


The Horse - November 2001

"SmartPak Equine has now been licensed as a pharmacy. This allows the company to provide prescription medications in its custom daily dose packages shipped monthly to horse owners. A copy of the prescription must be faxed or mailed to the company. SmartPak has 125 name-brand nutriceutical supplements and medications available to its clients. Customized for each horse, the SmartPak system provides daily servings of supplements and pharmaceuticals in sealed containers protected from sunlight, moisture, and air. This system allows for more consistency in feeding supplements and medications."

Horse Illustrated - October 2001

"SmartPak Equine, maker of those convenient, custom daily dose packages of nutraceutical supplements, has recently become licensed to supply basic equine prescription medicines such as isoxsuprine, bute and Thyro-L. For the simplest feeding possible, you can now order your horse's daily prescription meds, along with the over-the-counter supplements that he gets, packaged in SmartPak single servings, delivered for the month. With this new service, you won't have to spend time grinding pills and measuring doses for your horse's daily prescription medications. Dosage and delivery can be kept consistent, and freshness is ensured. To order medications, customers need only to fax or mail a copy of their veterinarian's prescription."

Sport Horse Journal - Sept/Oct 2001

"SmartPak Equine is now a pharmacy! This means that along with packaging custom supplements, they can also package custom prescriptions. You can order customized dosages that are packaged in single-dose servings. Great for boarders - guarantees your horse will get his meds."


Southwest Horse Trader - September 2001

Innovative New Product: "SmartPak Equine, which has transformed the feeding of equine nutritional supplements, is now poised to also revolutionize the feeding of prescription pharmaceuticals for horses. 'Horse owners across the U.S. have been clamoring to add basic medications such as bute, isoxsuprine and Thyro-L to their SmartPaks. There are thousands of horses that require these daily meds, and owners face a lot of hassle feeding these medications' states Becky Minard, Vice President of Marketing and lifelong horse owner."

Reprinted with permission

Hunter & Sport Horse - May/June 2001

"Solve Your Supplement problem with SmartPak! Customized for each horse, SmartPak provides daily servings of brand name supplements in sealed containers. The daily-dose SmartPaks come in reusable dispenser drawers that neatly stack in feed rooms. A SmartPak spokesperson explains, 'A typical barn might have 35 horses that require three supplements each. That's 105 bulk supplements to be opened, measured, fed and resealed.' Supplements are frequently mis-measured or, worse, forgotten. 'SmartPak completely eliminates these problems. Owners love it because they know their horses are getting their choice of name-brand supplements, in the exact amount, every day. Barn managers love it because it's simple'."

Reprinted with permission

Nutri News - February 2001

"Are you concerned that your horse isn’t being fed the supplements that you buy for him? Even the most conscientious barn worker can have difficulty giving your horse accurate doses every day. …You can be certain that your horse is getting the right amounts every day. No more scooping! Just peel off the SmartPak lid and add to the grain. SmartPaks are automatically delivered to your door every four weeks so you never have to worry about running out. To top it all off, serving for serving, SmartPaks are priced competitively with major catalogs such as Dover, Stateline and KV Vet Supply."


Stable Management - February 2001

..."The system allows managers to design the individual servings...avoiding the need to use bulk containers and spend time measuring out each horse’s dosage."

Reprinted with permission

Practical Horseman - January 2001

"This is a great idea," says our tester, who manages forty-plus horses in a hunter/jumper training barn. "It’s got so many advantages. Each dose is accurately measured, the supplements stay fresh, and the dispensing containers stack neatly in the feed room" advantage not only to the feeding staff but to individual boarders, each of whom can feel assured that her horse is receiving the proper supplements on a daily basis. And, he says he can easily pack the appropriate supplements for each horse that’s going on the road to show. As for the company’s price claims, he says, "Though I didn’t figure it out to the penny, the price seems to be sensible for the supplements being delivered."

Reprinted with permission

The Horse of Delaware Valley - November 2000

"...the ultimate in cyber shopping for the busy equestrian...What could be more convenient than having the supplements you give your horse already measured and packaged in dose-by-dose servings?"


SideLines - October 21, 2000

"SmartPak Equine Solves the Supplement Problem. SmartPak is an excellent way to make sure your boarded horses get their supplements accurately - and daily. Given the large volume of work, supplements are frequently mis-measured, or worse, forgotten. Many are not resealed properly, exposing the supplements to oxygen and moisture, seriously compromising their potency.

'The SmartPak completely eliminates these problems,' Minard says. Each horse’s daily dose of supplements comes in a sealed container with individual compartments to prevent cross-contamination and reaction. 'Everyone wins,' says Minard. 'Owners love it because they know their horses are getting their choice of name-brand supplements, in the exact amount, every day. Barn managers love it because it is simple. There’s nothing to measure or scoop, and the horse’s name is on every pack.'"

USCTA NEWS - Eventing USA, The Publication of the United States Combined Training Association, Volume 29, Issue Five, 2000

"SmartPak Equine...riders and horse enthusiasts dedicated to providing high quality products for the care and good health of horses. They offer a broad range of leading equine product lines."

Western Horseman - October 2000

Western Preview. "...makes monitoring daily doses of equine nutritional supplements easy and ensures that horses receive the freshest, most potent supplements possible. There’s never doubt when feed has been supplemented and that the correct amount has been used.

It can be time-consuming to deal with supplements in bulk containers, unless properly resealed, potency of these often expensive additives can be reduced. Restocking is no problem; after the initial order, SmartPak replenishes your supply automatically each month."


The Horse - September 2000

"Easier Feeding. No more wondering if your horse received his supplements each day or hassling with pre-bagging and sorting supplements for each horse."

Boston Business Journal - September 1-7, 2000

Profiled in Boston Business Journal. Serving Greater Boston’s Business Community. Click here to view entire article.
September 1-7, 2000


Horse Illustrated - September 2000

"Get Smart. At first glance, this looks like the equine version of a TV dinner: prepackaged daily supplements. However, the benefits of SmartPak Equine extend beyond the obvious convenience. ...No matter who feeds your horse, you’ll know that he’s getting exactly what he’s supposed to - especially helpful in large boarding barns. And if you’re on the road competing, SmartPaks are good travelers. Design your SmartPak online or over the phone, choosing from a broad selection of leading brand name equine product lines. Your order will be replenished automatically each month, so you’ll never run out at the last minute again. The containers are made of recycled material and are recyclable."

Horse Show - September 2000

"The patent-pending SmartPak revolutionized the administration of equine nutritional supplements. Customized for each horse, it offers precisely measured daily doses of brand-name supplements in sealed, pre-packaged containers protected from sunlight, moisture and air. SmartPaks ensure freshness, accuracy and unequalled convenience."

EQUUS - August 2000

"Convenient customized supplements. A service that delivers customized packs of brand-name supplements divided into daily doses to meet your horse's needs. Customers can order from a variety of supplements, from vitamins to hoof treatments, based on their horse's requirements; a month's supply is then delivered with each daily dose in a sealed container with the horse's name printed on the label. Orders come in a dispenser box to keep packages organized."


The Blood-Horse - August 5, 2000

"SmartPak has introduced a new method of administering equine nutritional supplements... protected from sunlight, moisture and air. The containers have individual wells for each supplement and a peel-off top."

Dressage Today - August 2000

"Supplement the Smart Way. SmartPak makes adding supplements to your horse’s ration less of a chore."


"The patent-pending SmartPak revolutionizes the administration of equine nutritional supplements."


Horseman’s Yankee PEDLAR - July 2000

"Promises Compliance, Convenience & Potency. ...Each horse’s daily dose of supplements comes in a sealed container with individual compartments to prevent cross-contamination and reaction."

Thoroughbred Times - June 24, 2000

"...Until now, supplements have been packaged in bulk containers, which make their administration a time consuming task prone to dosage errors… failure to reseal the containers can reduce the potency of vitamins and minerals crucial to the horse’s performance."

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science - Vol 20, No 6, June 2000

"...precisely measured daily-doses of brand name supplements in sealed, prepackaged containers protected from sunlight, moisture and air. …daily-dose SmartPaks have individual wells for each supplement, a peel-off top …With this unique approach, SmartPaks ensure freshness, accuracy and unequalled convenience.… failure to reseal bulk containers can reduce the potency of expensive vitamins and minerals crucial to a horse’s top performance."

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