Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If a rider forgets to release the coiled wire when dismounting the horse, will the airbag activate?
A: Quite a strong puling force is required to activate the airbag. When dismounting, the rider may feel a strong tug and realize that he/she had forgotten to disconnect the on touch release. However, be careful not to dismount a horse forcibly to avoid unnecessary activation. Always disconnect the one-touch connector before dismounting a horse. A force of up to 66 lbs is required to detach the key and activate the airbag. The dismounting rider will fell a strong tug well before deployment.

Q: If an airbag is activated and inflated, can it be reused?
A: Yes, it can be reused over and over again provided it has not been damaged. Simply replace the gas cartridge using the handy tool attached to the jacket.

Q: If an inflated airbag is damaged by friction, will it still be effective?
A: Yes, in fact the job of the airbag will already have been done - that is ti will have dissipated the shock well before it is torn or damaged.

Q: How long will the gas cartridge last?
A: Indefinitely, but it should be replaced if the surface shows any signs of deterioration or rust. (Of course, activated cartridges must be replaced.

Q: Can I wash my jacket?
A: Yes, simply remove the airbag system, linings and protectors and wash according to the washing instructions. No need to dry clean. In fact excess heat from the dry cleaning process may cause damage.