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1. How much does it cost to operate and maintain?
The running costs are minimal. You will save on the amount of water you use compared to soaking, and with regards to electricity consumption, the steam generators produce 3,000 watts of power. This equates to 3 kilowatts and the cost per kilowatt, for example in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) power region, is $0.08 per hour. Therefore, the HAYGAIN system will consume $0.24 per hour in electricity. Keep in mind that the first steam cycle lasts approximately 60 minutes and the cycles thereafter are only 30 minutes in length per bale.
2. How long does it take?
Once it is set up, each cycle takes approximately 1 hour and cycles thereafter are only 30 to 40 minutes in length per bale.
3. What is the advantage of steaming an entire bale?
HAYGAIN accommodates a completely strung bale. By being able to place this into the container and steaming it, you are drastically reducing the amount of dust spores released into the atmosphere that are inevitable if you are stuffing a hay net. This has to be the ideal solution both for horses and handlers otherwise it defeats the purpose. 4. What advantages are there to feeding off the floor as opposed to using hay nets?
Floor-level feeding mimics the natural grazing posture which reduces the intake of respiratory irritants and encourages airway drainage, which is the first line of defense against deep inhalation of feed particles such as hay dust.
5. Does the outside of the container get hot?
No, it does not. This is due to its highly efficient thermal properties and being made of the latest composite plastics.
6. Once steamed, how long before you can feed it and how long does it last?
The hay is ideally fed while it is warm and steaming but, as the spores have been completely killed, it can be fed at a later stage if required (up to 12 hours later).
7. What makes us different?
The unique steaming method via our patented spike manifold system is the only scientifically proven method that ensures even steaming throughout the whole bale and the killing of spores harmful to your horse.
8. How does steaming hay work?
Steaming at the high temperatures that HAYGAIN reaches ensures all mold and fungal spores are killed, therefore rendering them irrespirable and posing no further risk to the horse. It is highly beneficial to the health of both the horse's respiratory system and indeed yours.
9. What is the difference between soaking and steaming?
Soaking only dampens down the harmful spores in hay; steaming with a HAYGAIN actually kills the spores. In addition, soaking causes leaching of nutrients while HAYGAIN steamed hay retains its nutrient value.
10. Will my horse like it?
HAYGAIN steamed hay is warm, sweet smelling and very palatable. Field trials have indicated it is effective at encouraging fussy eaters.
11. What about the size and weight of the unit?
The HAYGAIN system is available in 2 sizes. HG-1000 full bale unit measures 57" L x 33" W x 29" H for the steam chest and 28" L x 28" W x 19" H for the boiler case. Total weight equals 175 pounds. 
12. Warranty?
The HAYGAIN system is covered by a full 1 year warranty for the steam boiler and a 3 year warranty for the steam chest.
13. What makes HAYGAIN different?
HAYGAIN's is an international organization. HAYGAIN's has a patented, proven method using a steam distribution manifold. HAYGAIN's durability and built to last quality results in value for money. HAYGAIN's worldwide recognition and service. HAYGAIN's scientific research and continual improvement. HAYGAIN's world class customer service coupled with a heritage that dates back to 1940.