Product Description

K9 Advantix IIĀ is a once-a-month topical tick, mosquito and flea treatment for dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older. It contains imidacloprid and permethrin. Available in 4 dosage sizes: 10 lbs. and under, 11-20 lbs., 21-55 lbs., and dogs weighing over 55 pounds. 4 pack or 6 pack. Repels and kills ticks including deer ticks (vector of Lyme Disease), American dog ticks (vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever), Brown dog ticks (vector of Ehrlichiosis), and Long Star Ticks (vector of Ehrlichiosis) for up to four weeks. Repels and kills all life stages of fleas. Prevents fleas on treated dogs from infesting your home. Kills fleas on dogs within 12 hours and continues to prevent infestations for a month. Prevents development of fleas, flea eggs, pupae and larvae for a month. Larval flea stages in the dog's surroundings are killed following contact with K9 Advantix II treated dogs. Repels and kills mosquitoes for up to four weeks. Repels and prevents blood-feeding by biting fleas. Kills chewing lice.

DO NOT USE ON CATS: Due to their unique physiology and inability to metabolize certain compounds, this product must not be used on cats. If applied to a cat, or ingested by a cat which actively grooms a recently treated dog, this product may have serious harmful effects. If this occurs contact your veterinarian immediately.


1.) Use only on dogs. DO NOT USE ON CATS or other animals.

2.) Remove applicator tube from the package. Use scissors and peel down foil.

3.) Hold applicator tube in an upright position. Pull cap off tube.

4.) Turn the cap around and place other end of cap back on tube.

5.) Twist cap to break seal, then remove cap from tube.

6.) The dog should be standing for easy application. The entire contents of the K9 Advantix II tube should be applied evenly to four to six spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail. At each spot, part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and gently squeeze to expel a portion of the solution on the skin. Do not apply excessive amount of solution at any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run off the side of the dog.