Product Description

A Special Note on Fitting

When measuring for Sergio Grasso tall boots, all measurements are to be taken in centimeters. The two measurements needed are the calf (at the widest part) and the length of the back of the leg (in stocking feet, from floor to back of knee). When looking on the chart to find a size, the general rule of thumb is to add two centimeters to the height measurement. For example, if you are a women's size 8 and you leg measures calf 36 cm and height 45 cm you would look on the chart for a European size 39 with a calf 36 cm and a height of 47 cm. Based on these measurements, your ideal fit would be a 39 H. In each box on the chart, the first number listed is the height in centimeters and the second number listed is the width of the calf in centimeters.