Product Description

Leave First+Ice inserts in your freezer overnight. The dry cold material is solid coming from the freezer. A simple 10-second massage of the re-freezable/reusable bag results in a loose, flexible, cold source that configures to the horse's cannon and tendon area immediately.


The Product:

The Horse:

The Leg Wraps (Boots) and Suspender:

For Hot Compress Use:

Boiling provides best heating effectiveness:



The secret of Ice Horse inserts that when frozen they will turn into soft fluffy "snow".  This will only happen if the ice pack is allowed to breath.  It is best to store the inserts flat and no more than three to four packs high.  If there is too much weight on the ice packs liquid will be forced through the semipermeable membrane and will cause the ice to freeze hard.  If the ice freezes hard, simple defrost and refreeze.