Product Description

The Premier Equine Air Cooled Boots are designed with an innovative airvent cooling system and durable strike protection. Six airvents are optimally positioned throughout the boot, to maximize cooling. As your horse is working, high speed passes through front air vents and circulates around your horse's leg, keeping the tendons cool. The harder and faster your horse works, the greater the airflow through the venting system. Designed to follow the natural contours of the leg and fetlock area, these boots maximize protection without impeding the natural action during galloping or jumping. Durable P.E. Polycarbonate strike guards protect the tendons and come with a lifetime guarantee. The boots don't retain water, making them ideal for use on the Cross-Country course. Light and flexible EVA lining with reinforced leather exterior and soft amara binding complete these unique and innovative boots. Black with Blue air vents. Front or Hind. Medium (15 - 16.2h) or Large (16.3 - 17h).