Product Description

How many of us get up at the crack of dawn with horses pawing?

Horses' digestive systems never truly stop producing digestive acids. When their sensitive stomachs are empty of food they are stressed, prone to colic, ulcers and boredom leading to destructive stall vices.

Horses should have access to forage at all times. Feeding two, three or even four feedings a day is unnatural for horses.

Restricted free access feeding is based on the idea that horses have to work for their food and this slows down their eating habits causing them to salivate more while chewing and aiding in their digestion.

The Freedom Feeder Small Hole Hay Nets allow your animals to feed naturally 24/7 through a simple restricted free access feeding.

These nets can be hung on fences, box stalls or laced closed and thrown on the ground like a pillow. They are made of 1/8"(3mm) Nylon mesh woven into 1-1/2" squares. The material has 250 lb per strand of tensile strength.

Regular - 4' x 2.5' Holds at least 35 lbs of hay and lasts at least 24 hours
Mini - 24" x 30" Holds at least 15 lbs of hay

Made in U.S.A.


Please note: As with all hay nets, the Freedom Feeder should be hung at a sufficient height to avoid the risk of entanglement. To withstand the pulling and chewing associated with a hay net in use, the nylon mesh is extremely durable and will not give under pressure. As a result, it’s important to ensure the hay net is safely secured and won’t become loose as the hay is consumed.
1.) Using a wheelbarrow, bring enough hay to the bag to fill it completely. For multiple bags, use a dolly to take an entire bale from bag to bag.
2.) Drape the flap open down the front of the bag and insert one, two or three flakes at a time. By compressing the hay against the sides and bottom of the bag as you go, you should easily be able to fill the bag with hay.
3.) Secure the flap as far down the back side of the bag as possible, facing the clips towards the hay to prevent any lips from catching on a clip from the outside. If you prefer, you can eliminate the clips and us a 6 foot string to weave the flap shut. The string works equally well whether you want to hang your bag or use it as a pillow.