Product Description

Accept no substitutes! The Point Two air jackets are the only fully CE certified air jackets. With the fastest inflation time available on the market, Point Two provides proven protection when you need it most. The jacket reaches full inflation in 0.1 seconds (inflation begins in less than 25 cm of a drop) offering fantastic protection to the collar of the neck, spine, coccyx and rib cage.

As well as the obvious protection from shock absorption, the jacket distributes pressure and above all, effectively supports the spinal column so that the neck and trunk have limited movement. For your protection, a simple “click” is all it takes to connect you to the saddle. The Lanyard of the jacket connects with the Nylon Stirrup Straps at the front of the saddle. After the rider has mounted the saddle, he or she clips the 2 ends together. The Lanyard enables full movement in all directions for the rider. The airbag will only be activated if the rider is separated from the horse. The Point Two ‘Pro-Air’  is reusable after simple replacement of the 60 cc CO² gas cartridge.

The highly resistant polyester fabric is washable once the airbag has been removed. The Point Two ‘Pro-Air’ comes with the Air jacket, two 60 cc CO² gas cartridges (we suggest you use one to manually inflate yourself on the ground so you know what to expect during a fall), one Bungee Lanyard, one pair Nylon Stirrup Straps, one Allen Key, and instruction manual.

Point Two suggests using only Point Two Replacement Cartridges in Point Two Vests. The use of another brand of cartridge in your Point Two Vest could result in the vest not inflating.

Please note:  This item will be drop shipped to you directly from the supplier approximately 8-10 weeks from the time you place your order.

Accept no substitutes! The Point Two air jackets are the only fully CE certified air jackets. With the fastest inflation time available on the market, Point Two provides proven protection when you need it most.

Sizing Chart

Small (25.5 inches) 4'11 - 5' 4
Medium (27 inches) 5'4 - 5'9
Large (28.5 inches) 5'9 - 6'2 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How much does the Point Two Air Jacket weigh?
The jacket weighs less than 2lbs. (900 grams)

Q. Is the Point Two Air Jacket approved?
The Point Two Air Jacket is currently CE Approved (“Conformite Europeene”), which is a European standard for health and safety of consumer products. They are the fastest CE approved air jacket in the world. They have been designed as a top up protection system to wear alongside a standard vest/ body protector.

Q. How many CO2 canisters do I need?
We recommend having at least three. The Point Two Air Jacket will come with one CO2 canister and we recommend having a couple extra to have for schooling, or competition.

Q. Is the jacket reusable?
Yes, the Point Two Air Jackets are reusable. You only need to replace the CO2 canister after each discharge & reset the activation key into the trigger mechanism (explained in the manual).

Q. Can the CO2 cylinder be reused?
No, each CO2 canister can only be used once & then must be replaced.

Q. What parts of my body are protected by the Point Two Air Jacket?
The jacket covers all major thoracic upper abdominal organs and collar area of the neck when fully inflated

Q. Can I wear my air jacket underneath other clothing?
Yes. You can wear the Point Two Air Jacket below loose fitting clothing as long as there is room for the jacket to inflate and the lanyard is unobstructed.

Q. How is my air jacket activated?
The lanyard attaches to the saddle & the jacket. In the event of the rider separating from the saddle, the lanyard will pull the activation key from the jacket. Once the activation key has been pulled from the jacket it releases the CO2 into the airbag system & inflates the air jacket in 0.1 of a second.

Q. Can I compete in the Point Two Air Jacket?
Yes you can compete in your Point Two Air Jacket. When you are competing you should wear your Point Two Air Jacket over top of your standard vest/ body protector. We recommend a body protector of a non- molded type.

Q. Why is it called a “jacket” when it looks like a vest?
The Point Two Air Jacket was designed in Europe. Often times in Europe they refer to a body protector as a “jacket” whereas in the U.S. a body protector may be referred to as a vest.

Q. What if the Point Two Air Jacket inflates while I’m riding?
The Point Two Air jacket inflates only if the lanyard is pulled out of the CO2 canister. This takes 100 lbs of pressure, which is only possible if the rider is falling off. The lanyard should be set long enough to allow the rider to lean back fully in the saddle as if riding a drop fence, which will ensure the jacket will not be inflated while riding. In the rare event that the jacket inflates while mounted, the rider can continue riding and the jacket will automatically deflate fully within two minutes. 

Q. Is there a weight requirement?
The Point Two Air Jacket is not recommended for use to anyone under 80 lbs.

*Our feedback has indicated that the most satisfying experience is gained with a soft flexible body protector.