Product Description

Bye Bye Odor™ is highly concentrated, yet safe, microbial solution especially formulated to substantially reduce or even eliminate a wide range of organic odors associated with animal urine and manure. Simply spray the stall or kennel daily with enought give the beeding or surface an even misting. In horse stalls with deep bedding first remove the urine saturated bedding and spray liberally around those same wet areas. Within three to five days of daily application the unpleasant smell will be gone. Eliminating the smell can also help reduce flies in barns and kennels, as flies that reproduce away from those areas are attracted to those buildings by odors.
That “Stall Smell” from the urine is actually ammonia from urea. Not only does it smell bad but continuous exposure to ammonia is actually dangerous for the health of the animal and for the people who spend time around them. Rather than covering up the smell, these microbes eliminate it, so there is remarkably little smell at all. Bye Bye Odor microbes, when wet, consume and breakdown the urea and other organics that cause the unpleasant smell and unhealthy ammonia build up from confined animal urine and waste. Unlike many other stall and pet “fresheners” Bye Bye Odor is not a cover up, rather it’s an odor eliminator. The “stink” is simply consumed by our very productive microbes. They are so productive that they even edge-out (get to the dinner table first) the odor causing bacteria in the manure that produce those poop smells. 
Similar microbes to those found in Bye Bye Odor have been used for decades to break down odors, and are commonly found in the ingredients of household carpet cleaners and stain removers as well as commercial odor removal products. Chances are if you have been to a gas station or fast food restaurant rest room that didn’t smell, a similar microbial product was likely used. These microbes are completely harmless to humans and animals.