Product Description

Hat Care:

Protect your hat in inclement weather with a plastic rain cover. Water drops may spot the finish, while a soaked hat will lose its shape. Always store your hat in its original box. The top should be down and the brim supported by the flanges. Never leave a hat flat on its brim, as it will settle and lose its shape. After each wearing, bush the hat with clean, dry sponge. Brush with the nap to remove dust and enhance the sheen of silk-finish hats.


These hats are items of apparel only and are not in any way designed to provide protection against injury or harm. They are not protective headgear. They have not been designed or manufactured to prevent any injury or harm whatsoever. They do not provide any protection to a rider, or any other user, against any injury, including head injuries resulting from wearing or other use including activities performed while riding or from any other source or activity. SmartPak makes no representations expressed or implied regarding the suitability of this item for any particular purpose and disclaims any responsibility for injuries or death associated while wearing or using in any manner any of the hats offered for sale.