Product Description

Natural hoof resins are protected and replenished by ingredients in The Right Step®. Oxygen can freely pass through a protective coating to the hoof wall. The essential requirements for most harmful bacteria, fungi and yeast infections are body heat, nutrients, moisture and the lack of oxygen. In the case of hoof infections, we cannot control the first two conditions, but we can control excess moisture and at the same time let oxygen in.

Horses' hooves, as well as human skin, have a layer of dermal tissue that contain compounds called phospholipids. These compounds have a segment that repels water and a segment that attracts water. The compounds also allow the penetration of oxygen. The Right Step® contains the phosopholipids to allow the hoof to repel water in wet conditions and conserve water in dry conditions.

Oils, tars and plastic type preparations seal off oxygen and trap excess moisture in the hoof. It is better to use no external hoof preparations than to use any material that seals off oxygen and traps excess moisture in the hoof.

Yucca plant extract is an ingredient in The Right Step®. Stabled horses are often subjected to stalls containing varying amounts of excrement. Urine and feces produce a high level of ammonia, which is detrimental to the tissues of the hoof capsule. The yucca plant extract binds with the ammonia and helps reduce its harmful effects.

Other Ingredients

Grain Extract, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Yucca Extract, EDDI as a preservative.
  • Grain extract : contains natural waxes and resins
  • Isopropyl Alcohol : is a fast drying suspension
  • Propylene Glycol : is a dispersing agent
  • Yucca extract : neutralizes harmful ammonia
  • Ethylendiamine dihydroiodide : serves as a preservative