Product Description

Preparation of new Antares leathers

Apply Antares oil with a brush on the entire surface, front and back. On the contact with the oil, an important change to the colors often occurs on natural leather : the leather is now treated.
Let it dry 24 hours in a sheltered, temperate place : the leather naturally colors.
You can now use your saddle, bridle, or Antares saddle accessories.

Maintenance of Antares leather

Once a week : Clean the parts in contact with your horse with a glycerine soap and a clean and wet sponge. This will eliminate dust and sweat. If you are using the spray, soak the sponge, then clean the leather.

Once a month : Hydrate and protect it with the Antares leather shine with a clean sponge. For a perfect finish, buff your leather with a smooth rag.

Once a year : Treat it by applying oil with a brush as done with new leathers.

Antares leather shine and oil must be applied on the leather that has been cleaned with glycerine soap beforehand.