Product Description

General Care Mattes sheepskin should be dried thoroughly after every ride or at the end of each day. Let it air dry upside down overnight. Then before the next ride just brush the wool with a stiff brush to loosen up and remove hair and dirt. This will also loosen and soften fibers.

Washing All Mattes sheepskin products can be hand washed or machine washed. Hand wash at 86 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of water; rinse well, then squeeze, do not wring. Or, machine wash with cold water on gentle setting. It is highly recommended to use a mild wool washing detergent as common detergents can contain components which are very damaging to sheepskin. Melp is specially formulated and contains regreasing properties ideal for sheepskin products, washable leather and wool. Highly recommended for extending the life and quality of Mattes sheepskin products.

Drying Drying in dryer fluffs the wool and softens the leather. Dry on air cycle only, no heat. Do not dry completely. When damp-dry, remove from dryer and gently pull into shape, lay flat to finish drying. Do not expose to sun, or dry on radiators.