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Rental Information

Renter may opt to extend the rental term. Renter MUST notify either Game Ready Equine or their sales rep. to extend the rental term. A separate rental extension order will be placed with the corresponding payment applied. Rental extensions may be verbally requested and confirmed. AUTOMATIC EXTENSION: The equipment is due back within 9 calendar days of end of the rental term. An automatic extension of 2 weeks at the rate of $250.00 will be applied to customer’s credit card if the equipment is not returned within the 9 days. The extension will begin the day after the prior rental period expired. Automatic extensions will be applied at two-week intervals until customer returns the system to Game Ready. OPTION TO PURCHASE: Renter has the option to purchase the system at any time. Purchased equipment shall include the warranty as defined in the product user manuals, commencing on the date of original delivery. Rental fees (not including insurance or shipping charges) up to $450 (or up to $750 if back wrap purchased) will be applied as a credit towards the purchase price. Customer has the option to purchase either new equipment or keep the rental equipment. SHIPPING: All rentals are shipped with a prepaid return shipping label for the customers to use in returning the equipment.

Active compression therapy has been recognized as a superior method of eliminating swelling. The active and adjustable compression settings provided by the Game Ready™ Equine System mirror the way your horse’s muscles naturally contract and relax to push fluids and cellular debris (edema) into and along the lymphatic drainage system, as well as help drive cold therapy deeper for longer lasting effects. This means the benefits of Game Ready Equine’s cold therapy go far beyond the surface to the internal tissue that is harder to reach.

Active Compression Benefits:
• Mimics natural muscle contractions, gently pushing tissue debris out of the affected area.
• Pushes fluids along the horse’s lymphatic drainage system and out of the affected area.
• Releasing action encourages blood flow, carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients to the affected site.
• Drives cold deeper into muscles and tendons, providing longer lasting effects than static cold therapy.

Cold therapy is universally used to minimize damage following injury and help equine athletes heal faster during injury rehabilitation. Cold has a local anesthetic effect that can significantly reduce pain and inhibit reflexive muscle spasms in your horse. Early use of cold therapy can reduce primary bleeding through its vasoconstrictive effects, and thus inhibit swelling. And perhaps most importantly, reducing tissue temperature can lower the metabolic rate of both the involved and uninjured cells, decreasing their demand for oxygen — helping to break the secondary hypoxic injury cycle and making the body’s repair job easier. Game Ready™ Equine simultaneously delivers both cold and compression therapy. While cold is effective in helping to prevent swelling, active (or “intermittent”) compression performs a different role by helping to remove swelling once it has occurred.

Cold Therapy Benefits:
• Decreases pain and muscle spasms.
• Decreases swelling.
• Initiates a state of “hibernation” in cells, keeping them alive during oxygen shortage.
• Reduces bleeding by increasing blood viscosity and enhancing coagulation.

Game Ready System Benefits:
• Dry application minimizes the risk of cracked heels, scratches, or dermatological issues.
• Form-fitting wraps surround the affected area for maximum heat removal and consistent cooling.
• Fluid continuously cycles throughout every part of the wraps for even distribution and consistent cooling.