Product Description

RS800CX Receiver
Using W.I.N.D. transmission technology to eliminate interference, the RS800CX collects information from your T56H transmitter and speed/GPS sensors to record your performance data in detail.

G3 W.I.N.D. GPS sensor
The sensor is water and shock resistant and measures speed/distance accurately in all riding disciplines.  It also provides route mapping.

Polar Equine T56H Textile Transmitter
The Polar Equine T56H transmitter is the new generation of heart rate transmitters for horses. It features textile electrodes made from conductive elastic fibers which adapt perfectly to the movements of a galloping horse and does not cause any discomfort to the horse. These electrodes include an absorbent cushion to ensure permanent contact with the skin and yet the necessary dampness for relaying the heart rate signal.

The electronic part of the transmitter can be detached to change the battery and replace the electrode strap in case of wear or cleaning in a washing machine.

Putting the transmitter into place is extremely simply: the + electrode is first placed under the saddle pad, the - electrode is then fixed to the girth and the transmitter is fixed to the saddle. The transmitter ensures reilable heart rate readings at high speeds and over a long period of time.

Route Mapping
When combined with the Polar G3 GPS sensor, the RS800CX allows you to track your route on Google Earth or any compatible GPX mapping software. For a better understanding of your training session, the layout of your route changes color depending on heart rate intensity and the colors your have chosen.

Note: The RS800CX receiver was originally developed for humans, so some of the features included in the receiver are not designed for animal use (OwnZone, OwnCal, etc.).

Basic Features:
User configurable displays - all lines
Polar OwnCode (2.4 GHz) W.I.N.D. digital coded transmission (W.I.N.D.)
Yearling textile transmitter W.I.N.D. (changeable battery) (W.I.N.D.)
Display Zoom
Display text in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
Water resistant (5 ATM- 50m)
Low battery indicator

Training Features
Visual and audible alarm in target zones
Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts
R-R- Recording - HR Variability
Event Countdown Timer
Training planification with Polar ProTrainer 5TM, Equine Addition
Combined Training Files
Route Mapping with the Polar GPS G3 and a PC (option)

Speed and Distance Features
Live Speed, Distance and Pace (option)
Automatic Lap Times (option)
Speed, Pace and Distance summaries (option)
Speed or Pace based target zones (option)
Altitude, ascent and descent, route profile
GPS Polar G3 W.I.N.D. (option)
Zonelock Speed or Pace (option)

Heart Rate Features
Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
SportZones, zone indicator, zonelock
Average Heart Rate
Visual and audible alarm in target zones
Weekly Summaries (Cumulative)
Number of exercise files (with summaries)- 99
Beat to Beat Heart Recording
Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
Odometer (option)

Computer Connectivity
Logiciel Polar ProTrainer 5TM
Uplink: Transfer exercise data from wrist unit to
IR Data: IrDA USB Adapter or internal/external non-Polar
              IrDA adaptor