Product Description

A simple 3-step activation process:
•Step 1: Immerse the product in water for 30 seconds to one minute so that the fabric absorbs the water right to the inner filling. The water does not need to be cold water for this activation process to work.
•Step 2: Gently wring out the excess water so that the product is wet, but not dripping. You may towel dry the inner membrane if you require.
•Step 3: Wear the product. You will be pleasantly surprised how cool you will instantly feel. After a period of time if you feel the product is not cooling you sufficiently, simply repeat the 3 step process.

It might become apparent that while you are wearing the product, it starts to feel that the cooling process has diminished, and it is no longer cooling you. Just like a swimming pool, if you get out the pool because it feels warm, and back in again, to a cool pool, the product will perform the same. Taking off the product, waiting a few minutes and then wearing the product again will feel like the product has been reactivated.

Cool Medics has tested this cooling process in a heat chamber, bringing the inside temperature to 114 degrees, and placing the dampened cloth in this heated chamber. In every test, the fabric, with a separate temperature sensor, has maintained a temperature that is lower by 20 to 25 degrees, for a period of 4 1/2 hours, before climbing to the temperature inside the chamber. Taking the same cloth and recharging it, by immersing in water for 2 minutes, and replacing it in the hot chamber, immediately brought the temperature done to the lower 20-25 degree range.

Washing instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry.