Product Description

Saddle Specifications

: Beech wood laminate
Tree Widths: Medium or Wide
Panel: Wool & Foam Flocked
Flap: Regular or Forward Flap
Blocks/Rolls: None
Seat: Narrow Twist with a Medium-Deep seat

Every Barnsby saddle is handmade in Walsall, England, by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the country. Each saddle is a labor of love and made with only the finest materials.

Quality leathers, pure wool flock and high-grade foams are carefully measured, cut and stitched then painstakingly assembled on precision-made trees.

Some saddles in the range take as much as four working days to complete, despite the use of modern leather-cutting presses, state-of-the-art sewing machines and the most technologically advanced tree-making shop.

Every Barnsby saddle is subjected to the most stringent quality control throughout its manufacture and is checked by one of the management team before being allowed to leave the premises. 

The Heart of the Barnsby saddle is produced on a Beebee & Beebee saddle tree that has been fashioned through exhaustive research and development (being designed and tested by some of the world’s elite riders), thus providing an exceptional fit on the horse.

All trees are manufactured from beechwood laminate veneers for strength, and molded together under a vacuum laminate press. All Beebee and Beebee wooden saddle trees comply with the latest British Standard, number BS6635:2003.

The more open arch gives good clearance on the horse’s withers. The points are specifically designed so as not to impede the horse’s shoulder movements. The angle of the side bars allows for a narrower twist, enabling the rider to achieve a closer leg position near the horse. The bars are also anatomically constructed to follow the contours of the horse along its back.

All Beebee saddle trees are guaranteed for five years under normal riding conditions.