Product Description

Paddock Cake Treats are lots of love in a chewy 1-ounce cookie that makes a big impression and lasts a long time. Paddock Cakes are homemade the old fashioned way because your horse deserves the best. These cookies are baked with care using only the finest ingredients to make a nutritious and delicious treat.  100% natural. 

Paddock Cakes uses only the best whole grains horses need to stay happy and healthy - no flour, corn mean, corn syrup, raisin paste or other additives that do not belong in horse cookies. There are no processed ingredients in the batter. Paddock Cakes uses high-grade rolled barley, rolled oats, cracked corn, flaxseed and wheat bran. The wholesome grains are mixed with apples and flaxseed, which gives horses a shiny coat, mane and tail.

Unlike some treats on the market, Paddock Cakes does not overload their cookies with molasses. They use a conservative amount of unsulfured cane molasses, which is the highest grade available.

Other Ingredients

rolled oats, apples, cane molasses, wheat bran, cracked corn, rolled barley, flax seed and peppermint.