Product Description

Proden PlaqueOff ™ has been clinically proven to reduce and help prevent plaque and tartar. It is estimated that 85% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years show signs of gum disease, the major cause of tooth loss.

Gum disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque bacteria and is converted to calculus by the minerals naturally occurring in saliva. If gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to bad breath, pain, tooth loss and other health problems. By using Proden PlaqueOff ™, owners of dogs and cats can take a simple and effective step towards the animal's oral health.

Size: 60 gram bottle lasts 1 year for small dogs and cats, 6 months for medium dogs, and 3 months for large dogs.

Other Ingredients

Natural plant marine algae D1070, minerals and trace minerals 22%, fiber 6%, proteins with all amino acids 6%, Omega-3 fatty acids 2%.

Free of artificial coloring, preservatives, gluten, salt and sugar.

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