Product Description

The ENELL Sports Bra is for any woman who is serious about support and wants to ensure a healthy body. The ENELL was designed specifically to give special consideration to the larger breasted woman. No matter what your size, real support is important while the body is in motion. Excessive bouncing can breakdown sensitive breast tissue causing premature sagging as well as pain. Keeping your breasts close to your body and out of the way will improve your ability to master your sport or increase the vigor of your workouts. You choose the best shoes for your workout, now choose the best bra!

Due to Health Regulations we are unable to accept returns on worn undergarments. Any returns of these products must be in the original, sealed packaging in order to be eligible for a refund or exchange.


We want your ENELL to fit perfectly, so ... pull out a tape measure and take two quick measurements for us (with your regular bra on) : 1. measure around the fullest part of your bust (Bust Measurement) 2. measure around the rib cage directly under the breasts (Rib Measurement) Now, check our Size Chart to see which ENELL is best for you.

ENELL SIZE         Bust Measurement         Rib Measurement
      00                       32-35"                          27-29"
      0                         34-37"                          29-31"
      1                         36-39"                          31-33"
      2                         38-42"                          33-35"
      3                         41-45"                          35-37"