Product Description

Since hay and grain are both "low-sodium" foods, horses that won't use a salt block need an additional source of salt just to meet their daily needs. Also, replenishing the salt lost when sweating during warm months or heavy exercise is critical! Plain salt is ideal if your horse is on an otherwise well-balanced diet that supplies his other mineral and electrolyte needs, or if your horse has HYPP and can't be given typical electrolytes because of their potassium content.

Guaranteed Analysis:

IngredientPer ServingPer Pound
Sodium Chloride (min)99.81% / 28,346 mg
Copper0.7 ppm / 0.02 mg
Iron1.9 ppm / .05 mg
Water Insolubles10 ppm / 0.3 mg


Salt, Yellow Pressiate of Soda (a food grade anti-caking agent)