We understand that every dog is different and optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, temperament, activity level and environment.  Please adjust your dog’s daily feeding portion using the information below as a guide.  Your dog will appreciate access to clean, cool, fresh water at all times.

Recommended Feeding Portions (based on a standard 8 oz. dry measuring cup):

Weight of Dog     Cups per Day
3-17 lbs.             ¼-1
18-23 lbs.            1-1 ¼
24-45 lbs.            1 ¼-2
46-65 lbs.            2-2 ½
66-85 lbs.            2 ½-3
86-105 lbs.          3-3 ½
106-125 lbs.        3 ½-4
126+ lbs.             ¼ per additional 10 lbs.

Calorie Content: This food contains 3630 kcal/kg or 420 kcal per cup ME (metabilizable energy) on an as fed basis (calculated).

Changing Foods: It is important to slowly transition your dog from their current diet as it takes a few days to adapt to the new nutrient levels.  To transition, gradually mix in the new food over a 5-7 day period, increasing the amount of Wellness® Simple Food Solutions® each day, so that you are feeding 100% Simple Food Solutions by day 7.