Product Description

Living alongside their human companions, our pets tolerate more stress than we often realize. Adaptogens can provide the crucial nutritional support to help our beloved animals live long, healthy lives in our fast-paced world. Since the introduction of the small animal product in 2000, APF has become the first choice for veterinarians as effective nutritional therapy to support their patients in a wide range of situations. Used extensively as supportive nutrition in oncology for immune protection and energy regulation, APF is invaluable in helping animals recover and thrive during particularly stressful episodes including, but not limited to, separation anxiety, kennel visits, traveling, showing, or post surgical experiences. APF is also extremely beneficial in regulating the immune system for allergy sufferers, aiding in digestion and utilization of proper nutrition, and maintaining and stabilizing energy regulation. The herbs in APF have been shown in clinical studies to be clinically effective in regulating blood sugar levels, and APF has proven valuable in managing diabetes in dogs and cats.

Other Ingredients

Eleutherococcus senticosus, Schizandra chinensis, Rhodiola rosea, Echinopanax elatus in a water-alcohol base

Manufacturer's Contact Info

Auburn Laboratories Inc
PO BOX 147
PENN VALLEY, CA 95946-0147