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SmartGain 4 is the weight gain solution you have been looking for, with four complementary methods of support! This tasty formula provides amino acids to support lean muscle development, extra calories from healthy fats, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes for digestive health, and the tasty herb Fenugreek to support a healthy appetite in picky eaters. Four weight gain strategies. One tasty supplement. $0

Declared Ingredients

IngredientPer ServingPer Pound
Guaranteed Analysis per 2 oz:
Crude Protein (Min)24%
L-Glutamine1,750 mg
L-Lysine3.1% (750 mg)
DL-Methionine0.3% (200 mg)
L-Threonine0.8% (500 mg)
Crude Fat (Min)20%
Crude Fiber (Max)15%
Fenugreek170 mg
Active Dry Yeast27.9 billion CFU
Direct Fed Microbials supplying the following:
Bifidobacterium Longum89 million CFU
Enterococcus Faecium2.25 billion CFU
Enterococcus Lactis3.85 billion CFU
Lactobacillus Acidophilus9.45 billion CFU

Other Ingredients

Ingredient Statement: Active Dry Yeast, Bio Active Whey, Brewers Dried Yeast, Brewers Dried Grains, Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles, Dried Aspergillus Niger Meal, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract, Dried Bifidobacterium Longum Fermentation Extract, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Extract, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Extract, Dried Lactobacillus Lactis Fermentation Extract, Dried Propionibacterium Fermentation Extract, Flax Seed Meal, Fructooligosaccharides, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Silicate, DL-Methionine, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Pancrelipase, Pepsin, Rice Bran, L-Threonine, Soybean Meal (mechanical extracted), Vegetable Oil (cold pressed), Whey Protein Concentrate, Yeast Culture, Yeast Extract (Mannanoligosaccharides).

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SmartSupplements by SmartPak
40 Grissom Road
Suite 500
Plymouth, MA 02360