Product Description

FRONTLINE Plus completely breaks the flea life cycle by effectively stopping the development of new fleas. And, FRONTLINE Plus kills all stages of 4 major ticks including the ones that may transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Read the following instructions carefully before applying FRONTLINE Plus to your pet. FRONTLINE Plus remains effective even after bathing, water immersion, or exposure to sunlight. FRONTLINE Plus works the same as FRONTLINE Top Spot but also kills flea eggs and provides longer lasting flea control.

Sizes: Each package contains 6 applicators for at least 6 months tick control and up to 18 months of flea control.

Manufactured in France.

Other Ingredients

Active ingredients: Fipronil 9.8%, (S)-methoprene 8.8%


To Apply FRONTLINE Plus: Place applicator tip through animal's hair to the skin level between the shoulder blades. Squeeze applicator, applying entire contents in a single spot to the animal's skin. Apply every 3 months for flea control. Apply every month for tick control. Although FRONTLINE Plus can control fleas for up to 3 months, if there is a high risk of reinfestation or if the pet has fleas which may cause allergy dermatitis, a once monthly application may be needed.