Product Description

All the natural goodness of wholesome baked grains with the wonderful aroma of homemade muffins fresh from the morning oven! Irresistible heart shaped pieces fit comfortably in pouch or pocket, and are a big hit with horses and young riders. Contains no herbal ingredients, making this treat an excellent choice for the performance horse who competes regularly.

Ginger Ridge Premium Equine Treats are all natural oven baked biscuits formulated especially for horses and ponies. Ginger Ridge Treats contain no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. Available in fun shapes, and delicious flavors, these treats are a big hit in the horse world.

Other Ingredients

Whole wheat flour, wheat germ meal, corn germ meal, beet molasses, turnip oil, salt, carrots, green cabbage, luzerne hay, natural flavor.