Product Description

The open stirrup angles greatly reduces the danger of being hung up and seriously injured. Stirrups will not turn under normal riding conditions. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® will perform at their best when partnered with a new pair of leathers. Old leathers have a slight turn to them and this will affect the accuracy of the 45 degree and 90 degree settings.

The English riding stirrup, as we know it today, was born, lives and returns to a position flat against the horse's side. There is no useful purpose for the stirrup to lie in this position. Not only is it inconvenient to retrieve your iron, it can be dangerous. The loss of a stirrup can mean the loss of control and result in a poor riding performance or even contribute to an accident or a fall. The lost stirrup in this non-functional flat position is often the primary cause of being hung up and dragged. As the stirrup folds back against the horse’s side it closes against the rider’s foot and catches the falling rider. This ‘closing door’ effect is unnecessary and can be dangerous.

45 Degrees Once the rider presets the stirrups at 45 degrees, instantly they notice that the leather is applying ½ the pressure across their shin as a normal stirrup. This reduction in leather pressure reduces leg burns, but still gives the rider who relies on this pressure the feeling that they desire. Should the rider lose their iron, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® will tend to leave a clear opening making the stirrup easily retrievable. This increase in stirrup retrieval puts the rider back in control and allows them to proceed and compete at their highest possible efficiency. 45 Degrees seems to be the preferable preset angle for Show Jumpers and Event Riders.

90 Degrees Presetting the irons at 90 degrees results in no leather pressure across the shin and leaves the iron completely open for retrieval. At 90 degrees, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are preforming at their maximum level: no leather burns, maximum retrieval and the greatest safety, as the stirrup tends to remain open allowing the dislodged rider to clear the stirrup safely and easily. 90 Degrees seems to be the preferable preset for Dressage, Endurance and Trail Riders as well as general flat riding applications.

Traditional Angle Of course, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® can be set at the traditional angle. This allows you to easily run up your irons.

Comfort: Releases pressure on ankles, knees and hips. Easily Retrievable allowing you to ride at an optimal level. Safety: reduction of the iron's natural desire to grab the foot. Adjustable angles to compliment each side of your body. Preset angles that tend to stay in place should you lose your irons. The reduction or elimination of leg burns. Easy access to the offside iron when mounting. Ergonomic Design that works With Your Body and not against it.