Declared Ingredients

IngredientPer ServingPer Pound
Calcium, min0.4%
Calcium, max0.9%
Phosphorus, min0.4%
Potassium, min1.4%
Sodium, min1.4%
Magnesium, min0.5%
Iron, min250 mg/kg
Copper, min5 mg/kg
Manganese, min35 mg/kg
Zinc, min5,600 mg/kg
Iodine, min350 mg/kg
Vitamin E, min3,250 IU/kg

Other Ingredients

Dehydrated seaweed meals, yeast culture, brewer's yeast, garlic powder, vitamin E, zinc proteinate, natural beef flavor (from yeast).

SOURCEĀ has pledged to keep these products free from any artificial colors or flavoring, preservatives, synthetics or drugs of any kind.