Feed the recommended dosage of Equitrol II to each horse separately to make certain he receives his full portion. This product should be fed top dressed on grain or mixed with the horse's total ration to provide 6.8mg of diflubenzuron per 100lbs of body weight. For an occasional finicky eater who does not accept new feeds readily, mix this product with sweet feed or grain ration. Daily Dosage: 300 - 500lbs Administer 2/5 oz. per horse per day, 500 - 700lbs Administer 3/5 oz per horse per day, 700 - 900lbs administer 4/5 oz per horse per day, 900 - 1100lbs administer 1 oz per horse per day, 1100 - 1300lb horse administer 1 1/5oz per hourse per day.