Product Description

Essential fatty acids (commonly called EFA’s) are fat based nutrients that every mammal needs to maintain healthy function and structure of smooth muscle organs (heart/reproductive system), to protect and build liver cells, and to maintain healthy skin, coat and strong joint tissues. They have also been linked to retinal development and antioxidant activities, and they are responsible for the synthesis and modulation of various biochemicals that serve as mediators of the body’s various physiologic processes. In other words, if a body does not receive sufficient amounts of EFA’s critical body functions can be severely disrupted. Dogs and cats that are deficient in EFA’s typically develop chronic skin and coat disorders, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, degenerative eye disease, and allergies. Even animals who show no obvious signs of chronic disease will often display dramatic benefits from an EFA-enriched diet very quickly. A shinier and softer coat, less shedding, healthier skin, fewer fleas, and better tolerance to flea bites and other allergens can be seen within just a few weeks of starting our Fish Oil Plus.

Declared Ingredients

IngredientPer ServingPer Pound
Marine Lipid Concentrate150 mg
Borage Oil150 mg
Flax Seed Oil150 mg
Wheat Germ Oil100 mg
Lecithin100 mg
Spirulina50 mg
Sea Bed Trace Minerals50 mg
Natural Vitamin E1.5 IU

Other Ingredients

Marine Lipids, Borage Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, plus Lecithin, Spirulina,Trace Minerals, Vitamin E.