Product Description

Does just what its name states: it offers first aid healing in the treatment of open wounds, lacerations, cuts, sores in the mouth, puncture wounds, abscesses and other wounds involving the skin and underlying dermal tissue layers. Because it is in liquid form, Tea-Pro Equine Wound Healing Spray rapidly covers the wound area without thickly coating the wound like an ointment does. The thick coating of a wound area with ointments or salves can actually retard the healing process by essentially ‘blocking’ rapid cell growth as the body tries to heal the wound. Tea-Pro Equine Wound Healing Spray has the added advantage of promoting a concise, well-patterned layered granulation bed for more rapid healing.

Other Ingredients

Water, Polysorbate (kosher grade), Tea Tree Oil, Goldenseal, Comfrey, Myrrh, Aloe Vera.