Product Description

The Likit Tongue Twister toy attaches securely on the stable wall. The durable plastic ball has inserts for two Little Likits. The Tongue Twisters continually rotating ball provides endless entertainment for stabled horses. For maximum enjoyment, try using different flavors on each side.

In order to make the most of your Tongue Twister follow these simple steps: Follow the set-up instructions on the box carefully. The center of the ball should be level with the your horse or pony’s withers. When inserting the Little Likits, please ensure that you align the legs with the leg holders on the ball. If the Little Likits are not correctly aligned for their first insertion then the legs may break and could cause difficulty in future attempts. Try inserting different flavors of Little Likit on each side of the ball to make things more interesting. To limit your horses' intake try inserting a Little Likit on just one side - thus making the toy instantly more challenging! To encourage a nervous horse to play, try smearing molasses on the ball.