Product Description

Oiled and waxed full grain leather with reinforced inside panel . Dual stretch leather panels on each side of back zipper . Spanish cut top line . Stretch leather insert of instep for improved fit. Oiled Black. Sizes XXS, XS, XSM, XST, SS, S, SM, ST, MS, M, MT, LS, L, LT, XL. Sizing Measurements: XXS 12.5”-calf, 15.5”-height XS 13.5”-calf, 16.5”-height XSM 13.5”-calf, 18”-height XST 12.5”-calf, 19.5”-height SS 14.5”-calf, 16.5”-height S 14.5”-calf, 17.5”-height SM 14.5”-calf, 18.5”-height ST 14.5”-calf, 19.5”-height MS 15.5”-calf, 17.5”-height M 15.5”-calf, 18.5”-height MT 15.5”-calf, 19.5”-height LS 16.5”-calf, 17.5”-height L 16.5”-calf, 18.5”-height LT 16.5”-calf, 19.5”-height XL 17.5”-calf, 18.5”-height