Product Description

The Kensington Pony Protective Sheet is a remarkable sheet for our shorter friends. The Protective Sheet offers maximum summertime protection from biting insects, cuts, and rubs, as it blocks up to 78% of UV rays that cause bleaching of your horse's coat. An air permeability factor of up to 78% and a shading factor of up to 78% keep your horse cool. The sheet can be wetted down to provide extra-cooling benefits for hot days and trailering. The 2000 x 2000 denier US made TEXTILENE ? Mesh is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling and wear and tear, even in the most severe weather conditions. The Kensington Protective Sheet provides the ULTIMATE protection for your horse. SmartPink Plaid.

FLY RESISTANT: So tightly woven it resists all fly bites.
UV RESISTANT: Blocks up to 78% of UV rays that cause bleaching of the horse's coat.
DURABLE: Tear resistant fabric protects your horse, and makes a protective layer for those expensive blankets.
AIR PERMEABLE 78% permeability cools your horse and can be wetted to provide extra-cooling benefits for hot days and trailering. Non heat transferring fabric will not overheat your horse. Air circulates freely, helping to dry moisture and sweat.
SOIL RESISTANT Mud and manure just wash right off. Machine washable. Hoses off and dries in minutes.
MILDEW RESISTANT A special antiseptic additive prevents the growth of odorous, unhealthy and unsightly mildew.
FIRE RETARDANT Fabric self-extinguishes when removed from flame; does not exhibit any burning afterglow.
WOUND An excellent non-sticking, non abrasive protective layer over open wounds and sutures.
FADE Specially colored for outdoor use

GROOMING: Mesh sheds out old and dead hair to delay early clipping. Mesh keeps coat shining by massaging and drawing out natural oils. Reduces daily maintenance by keeping dust and dirt off the coat This sheet is ideal for stall use.
TRAILERING Protects your horse while trailering, from rubs and cuts. By wetting down during warm weather, the water creates a seal over the mesh, cooling your horse and reducing the temperature in the trailer significantly. In order to maintain the cooler temperature, the protective sheet should be hosed down every few hours.