Product Description

Note: Bandage is not meant to be extremely cold and may even feel warm to the touch as the heat from the injury passes thru it. Although refrigeration is not necessary, you may refrigerate for deeper more penetrating effect. Do Not Freeze.

Each Coldflex Vet Wrap comes with one cotton sock that you can use between your horse's leg and the ColdFlex Wrap or over the ColdFlex Wrap to keep it free of bedding, hay, etc. If you would like a barrier between the ColdFlex Wrap and your horse's leg as well as over the ColdFlex Wrap, you can use thin, cotton gauze (such as in a first aid kit) in place of the Coldflex protective sock. It is important that any material used in place of the ColdFlex Sock must be very thin and made of cotton, so Coldflex can breath and evaporate. A thick or non-breathable material, such as polyester, will stop Coldflex from functioning and hold the heat in.