Other Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Citric acid, Dibasic sodium phosphate, Glycerin, and other ingredients


For External Use Only. In preoperative prepping, avoid "pooling" beneath the animal. Prolonged exposure to wet solution may cause irritation or, rarely, severe skin reactions. In rare instance of local irritation or sensitivity, discontinue use. Do not heat prior to application. As with all medication, keep out of reach of children. AVOID STORING AT EXCESSIVE HEAT.


Apply BETADINE Solution Veterinary, full strength, once or twice daily until healed, as a paint, wet soak, or spray. May be covered with gauze bandage. Not for use on food-producing animals. Note: Also available, BETADINE Surgical Scrub Veterinary, a microbicidial skin cleanser for the veterinarian: pre- and postoperative scrubbing and washing; and for the animal; preoperative prepping.