Product Description

French terry fabric is a dense knit composed of 88% cotton and 12% lycra. It has 120% 4-way stretch, allowing complete and total freedom of motion whether working around the barn or in the saddle. It is specifically manufactured as a year round weight. Research has found that it is best suited for temperature ranges from 25 - 75 degrees. The outside of the fabric has a matte appearance, while the inside has thousands of tiny loops that wick away moisture in the summer and provide an insulating barrier in the cooler months. The blend has been perfected to create the coolness and comfort that only cotton can offer with the memory of Lycra. The result is a supportive fabric that fits like a second skin without being revealing.

Call us for custom options including color choices and lengths.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Fill washer with COLD water. (Can also be in a sink for hand wash)
2. Mix in the cleaning product THOROUGHLY. (we recommend Leather Therapy)
3. Put the breeches in and set on gentle cycle. (If hand wash, just let soak for an hour)
4. Do Not Wring. Towel dry and hang to dry out of the sun.