Feeding Directions: See below. If more than once scoop daily is reccomended, divide between AM and PM. One ounce scoop is included.

Recommended Maintenance Levels For:
Stallions - Out of Breeding Season 1 oz daily.
Mares - Dry or Barren 1 oz daily. In Foal: Last 2-3 Months 2 ozs daily. During Lactation 2-3 ozs daily.
Foals and Weanlings 1/2-1 oz daily.
Yearlings - Prior to Breaking 1-2 ozs daily. Breaking or Training 2-4 ozs daily.
Pleasure Horses - All Types 1-2 ozs daily.

Reccomended Levels for Performance Horses:
Stallions - During Breeding Season 2-4 ozs daily
Horses in Training - Light 1oz. Moderate 2-3 ozs. Hard 2-4 ozs. daily