Product Description

Aids in the relief of temporary muscular soreness, stiffness or swelling caused by exposure, overwork or exertion. Stimulates circulation in the area where applied. Acts as a bracer and tightener. Treats superficial cuts and abrasions. Why Absorbine Liniment is good for your horse: Many times a horse incurs temporary muscular soreness and stiffness from a workout. Absorbine Liniment helps relieve these discomforts. Prompt use of Absorbine Liniment can help minimize the degree of stiffness and soreness that can settle in. Fatigued muscles need more food, more energy and fast removal of wastes. The blood supplies these needs. A liniment stimulates the blood flow where applied, thus helping meet the muscles' demands. To heighten the stimulating effect, simply massage in Absorbine Liniment. Applied full strength, Absorbine Liniment is an antiseptic for superficial cuts and abrasions. Its antiseptic ingredients reduce bacteria of the skin. Either full strength or in a wash Absorbine Liniment is consistently effective and safe. Does not blister, stain or remove hair. Horses can be worked during treatment.

Other Ingredients

Actives: Menthol, Chloroxylenol, Iodine

Inactives: Absinthium Oil, Acetone, Blue 1, Plant Extracts of Calendula, Echinacea and Wormwood; Potasium Iodide, Thymol, Water, Yellow 6