Product Description

Lanollin rich antiseptic treats injuries, irritations, and abrasions. Helps to moisturize and protect dry dog paws and horse hooves and keep horse frogs supple. Non-toxic. Available in 14 oz.

Other Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Lanolin (30%), Inactive ingredients: Beeswax (yellow wax), Disodium EDTA, Fragrance, Lanolin Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Oxyquinoline, Petrolatum, Purified Water, Sodium Borate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate.


Caution: Keep all medications out of reach of children. In cases of deep or puncture wounds or if redness, irritation, or swelling persists or increases, discontinue use and consult veterinarian.


For minor wounds: clean the area and apply a thick coat of Corona at least once daily. Repeat as needed. For the Hoof: Clean with a stiff, dry brush. Apply corona daily to wall, frog, and sole to maintain proper moisture balance.