Product Description

About IRH:

The Plastino family had been crafting equestrian caps and helmets for nearly four decades when, in 1986, Frank Plastino founded International Riding Helmets to meet riders’ growing need for innovative, comfortable and attractive safety equipment. IRH has been at the forefront of rider safety because CEO Frank Plastino is an original member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) committee on equestrian headgear and a contributor to the development of industry standard F1163.90a.

Grounded in experience and knowledge gained from within one of the oldest families in the industry, International Riding Helmets is recognized as a premier designer and manufacturer of helmets for all riding disciplines.


Not for motor vehicle use. This helmet is designed for Equestrian Riding use only. Although this helmet meets ASTM F.1163.01, no helmet can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts. Under certain conditions accidents can cause serious injury or death. Unfortunately serious injuries are unavoidable in some accidents no matter how well designed the helmet may be. There is no guarantee expressed or implied that the enclosed helmet can totally eliminate all potential for injury. The helmet must fit well and all retention straps must be securely fastened. This helmet is designed to absorb the impact through partial destruction of the helmet though damage may not be visible to the naked eye. If it suffers such an impact it should be destroyed and replaced. This helmet can be seriously damaged by some common substances without visible damage. Consult International Riding Helmets before applying cleaning agents, paints, adhesives and the like. Do not use helmet without reading instructions available from manufacturer.